Personal Progress/ Value Mall
Personal Progress/ Value Mall

Personal Progress/ Value Mall


Personal Progress/ Value Mall

Value Mall Logosm

We used this idea for our New Beginnings, it WAS GREAT!! We had so many parents tell us is was great! Be based the idea off another one read on a LDS YW yahoo group, they said:


We asked each advisor to take a Personal Progress value and prepare a “sales pitch”, (if you will), about what makes that value so important.
We asked them to plan on about 5 minutes. We thought about asking a Laurel to also be with them to talk about one experience she learned from or her 10 hour project for that particular value.  She should only take 1 or two minutes tops. We did not end up doing that  we thought it might take up to long, and to tell you the truth, I don’t think there would have been enough time, but just an idea for you)

We asked them to please decorate their store (they each we given a room).  They could do whatever they liked. They could go crazy or keep it simple.  A little table display is just perfect.

We asked them to please prepare a little handout to go in the girls’ shopping bags.  For instance – in the Kay Jewelers store (which is Virtue & going with the idea that the Virtue value color is GOLD) we thought about giving out a gold wrapped Hershey’s kiss.  They would be in a candy dish with a sign beside it that says “Every KISS begins with Kay” using the store’s slogan. (we ended up giving something else out, you can see that down in the Virtue area) The handout does not have to be an item.  It can be a thought on a card or whatever they come up with.
The girls and their parents were divided into small groups – all starting in a different store – and rotating through each store.  So the “sales pitch” several times.
Then we all come back together in the Relief Society room for the final store, which will be Kay’s Jewelers and the Virtue value.  
After that presentation we had refreshments in the food court and enjoy treats from the Cinnabon store and Orange Julius.


Personal Progress Mall / Malll of Values ( New Beginnings or other joint activity) FILES



INVATATION: The invitation was made like a brochure of the mall

Invite frontsmInvite page 1Invite page 2Invite

We gave each of the girls a shopping bag which we put a sticker on it with the logo we have made. They took it from room to room and put their “item” from the store in the bag, we also had a “Walking Kiosks” (a leader) passing out Personal Progress remainders, small treats, a bookmark and a handout for parents on Personal Progress











Stick Watch hooked on PP


I am not sure what happen to my watch file, I will look for it

We also put this card in their bag




Journeys – Faith – going with the idea that it takes great faith to walk this journey of life or maybe faith in every footstep.


Journeys FaithJourneys Faith 2


Journeys Faith handoutJourneys Faith handout 2


Divine Nature

Bath & Body Works – Divine Nature – going with the idea to recognize the Divine Nature in ourselves which is being a daughter of God and the blessing of being a woman in this gospel. ( PP book, Divine Nature, value experience #2)

Bath and Body

Best Buy DNBest Buy DN 3


Best Buy DN handoutBest Buy DN handout 2


Individual Worth

Shade Clothing – Individual Worth – going with the idea of respecting ourselves, feeling good about ourselves by keeping the standards of modest dress and by doing so how it affects how other view us and ultimately how it affects our own confidence.


Shade IWmodesty shirt


Shades IW handout



Barnes & Noble – Knowledge – going with the idea of the value of an education, learning from the best books and developing talents.  (PP book,  “I will continually seek opportunities for learning and growth”)

Barnes and Noble

KN booksBarnes and Noble KNBarnes and Noble KN 2Barnes and Noble KN 3


Barnes and Noble KN handout

Choice and Accountability

Best Buy – Choice & Accountability – going with the idea of all that consumes our youth these days.  TV, cell phones, computers, music, ipods, etc.  and making good choices in these areas, taking the time away from these influences to “be still”  (PP book, “I will choose good over evil and will accept responsibility for my decisions”)

Best Buy

Best Buy - CA 2Best Buy - CA 3


Best Buy - CA handout  IMG_4050


Good Works

Hallmark – Good Works – use their slogan of “when you care enough to send the very best” but change it to “when you care enough to DO the very best”.  (PP book, “I will help others and build the kingdom through righteous service”)


Hallmark GWHallmark GW 2


Hallmark GW handout



Just Sports – Integrity – going with the idea of the courage it takes to be a YW of integrity and being true to your values and standards no matter what you are doing; i.e. playing a sport, being part of a team,  being part of a group like choir or debate.  Do people know what you stand for on and off the field?

Just Sports

Just Sports INJust Sports IN 2Just Sports IN 3


Just Sports IN handoutIMG_4055sm




virtue room


Kays Virtue handout

For dessert after it was over, we opened our final 2 stores, Cinnabons and Orange Julius. We bought Rhodes frozen rolls and baked them at the church then got clear plastic containers at a bakery and place the rolls in there. We made orange julius on the spot. (we measured everything and had 3 blenders ready to go) We served about 100 people. It when REALLY well.

These are the label we put on the containers for the rolls ( I forgot to take a picture at dessert time)

Cin roll label