SEE their progress

SEE their progress
Along the same idea of having the girls SEE their progress we found 5X7 frames (axp. $1.00 each), the clear plastic ones that stand alone, kinda ‘L’ shaped, then we cut out the page in the back of PP books that they place the emblem on (they are free so we just got an extra book for each girl) and slid it into the frame.  The back of
this page is the goal tracking sheet so this is seen as well on the reverse side of the frame. Now the girls can SEE, right there on their dresser, what they have done and what they need to be working on.  This does cause us to need to give them 2 emblems with each area completed, one for their book and one for the frame but we think this will really help them remember to think more often of PP.
Not to waste the books we also cut out the velum of the temple and the photo of Christ and had them matted (we have a man in our ward who does this) for each girl then included a small plastic easel to display it on.  Way cool.

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