Value Candy Bars
Value Candy Bars

Value Candy Bars

Value Candy BarsVAlue Candy bars bw

I got this idea from an YW email list that I am on, if you want to sign up for a great go here:

Anyway this idea was great I wanted to share it will all, after I read this idea I got busy to work and made my own Candy bar wrappers, I now have them in PDF format, so all you need to do is print each one off, cut and wrap around a candy bar!! There are 2 on each page.

Here are some that you can print in color or print on on colored paper.

 pdfvalue_candy_bars_color.pdf7.3 MB

{edocs}/images/Young Women/ywfiles/value_candy_bars_color.pdf,600,300,link{/edocs}


pdfvalue_candy_bars_bw.pdf1.17 MB

{edocs}/images/Young Women/ywfiles/value_candy_bars_bw.pdf,600,300,link{/edocs}


pdf value_candy_bars_color_2.pdf1.35 MB

{edocs}/images/Young Women/ywfiles/value_candy_bars_color_2.pdf,600,300,link{/edocs}


Another Idea

Another idea that might work is to take a chocolate bar that has the foil wrapping with the paper sleeve on top of it (I am from Canada so some of our chocolate bars are different, but I think most places have Hershey bars that are like this).  Take off the paper sleeve, but leave the foil on.  Use the paper sleeve as a pattern to trace on to colored paper the same color as the value they have completed.  Cut it out and have the name of the value printed on the colored paper in the same way that the chocolate bar name is printed on.  Glue on the colored paper to make it look like the new one.  You can present it just like that, or you can tie a raffia bow or ribbon around the chocolate bar and could also have a tag attached to it.

I hope this idea makes sense.  I have used it for lots of other things and it is easy to do but looks really cute.

Sharon Martin from British Columbia, Canada.