Value Fruit Salad


Now that Virtue (gold) has been added to the values, we need to add to this salad. So here are some of my thoughts of what to use.

Banana’s- maybe to yellow

Golden Apples

Another ideas is to change it to a Fruit Pizza and use the “golden” crust for Virtue.

For Virtue we are mixing it in a gold crystal bowl with a gold spoon and serving it on light gold plastic plates with a gold fork and will say something like…”all of our values are brighter, richer, and more fully cherished because they are served with, like gold, the real treasure of virtue. -Diane F.
Please share ideas and thoughts

Preparation: Wash and cut up fruit. For New Beginnings, we showed the recipe for a “Value fruit Salad”. We had fruit for each value color and a little blurb on how the fruits were like the values. We assembled it in front of the group and served it up. It was delicious and we had many compliments on the lesson. It was a great night.

In making this delicious fruit salad, we’ll need (hold up ingredients) Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice & Accountability, Good Works, & Integrity. We’re going to put this salad together, starting with these plump blueberries.

Blueberries are known for providing stamina, they help us to endure to end. If we remember our divine nature, that we are daughters of our Heavenly Father, we will be able to endure to the end to become the queens & priestesses we are promised we can become.

Strawberries are a delectable fruit. They are highly favored and sought after. We, as daughters of our Father in Heaven, should strive to be highly favored of the Lord. He loves each of us individually and will help us to become the women he knows we are inside.

When looking at a kiwi, you see a fuzzy brown fruit. It is only when you cut into them, that you can see the many little black seeds. This life has many hidden treasures of truth. If we are willing to delve into our scriptures, our school studies, & good literature, we can learn new things & enrich our lives with the Knowledge that comes as a result of our desire to learn.

If an orange is picked at the wrong time, it will not have had time to ripen and will be bitter and dry. If we make the wrong choices, there are bitter consequences that follow. Likewise, if we make good choices, the consequences are sweet. And the best, most important choices we make are like the best oranges, they leave our mouths puckered with the tangy, sweet taste. Choice and Accountability

Good Works like this pineapple will leave a unique sweetness in our lives that can only come from serving our brothers & sisters.

We all know grapes grow in bunches. If we surround ourselves with others who have our same values & morals, it will be easier to live righteously and keep our Integrity.

Faith like this Cool Whip holds our lives & our values together. Without Faith, the rest of our values wouldn’t exist. It is the foundation for all other values. Fold in generous amounts of Faith in the plan of our Heavenly Father to have a fruitful life.