Value Scripture Midweek YW Activity

Young Women Value Scripture Midweek Activity


Have the young women come to know and love their young women values and scriptures better. Help them to mark their young women value scripture references so they can refer to them every time they open their scriptures.

Preparation and Supplies Needed:

1. Color Pencils of each of the value colors (a couple of sets if you have a lot of girls)

2. Have someone prepared to teach the Mini-Lesson.

3. Have the refreshments made. Have treats sitting around on the table in the value colors, like: Skittles, M&M’s, lifesavers, rainbow chip cookies…….

4. Bowl and spoon for a young woman. Fruity Pebbles and milk. (It has all seven of the value colors with the milk)

5. Be sure all of the young women bring their scriptures.

6. Have the Mormon ad “Daily Allowance” Poster to display.


1. Attention Getter:

o Have a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal and milk for a young woman sitting on the table. Have the box of cereal sitting in the middle of the table.

o Start by having a young woman sit at the table. As you are talking you can ham this up by pouring her cereal for her and then her milk all while you are talking to them.

o Then ask them: How many of us get up every morning and pour ourselves a bowl of cereal, sit down to eat and put the box right in front of us where we can read it while we’re eating?

o We can read the panel close to three times in the ten or so minutes it takes us to eat.

o You probably have the list of ingredients and the Recommended Daily Allowance memorized by now.

o Try an experiment for me. Put the cereal box aside and put your scriptures in front of your bowl.

o Now you can get another kind of “Daily Recommended Allowance.” The most important kind…increased spiritual awareness, a good feeling inside, and answers to your problems. Make breakfast your most important meal of the day!!

2. Sister Kapp has said “Open your scriptures and read them every day. Why? So you can have a sure testimony of His love for you. So you will have many, many scriptures marked that you can turn to quickly for comfort, for courage, for faith and hope and peace, and to experience the feelings of being close to Him. The verses you mark will become anchors to cling to when the voices of the world confuse you. They will lift you up in spirit and literally save your life when you’re down.”

When Sister Kapp was put in as the General Young Women President, she studied and prayed about what she was to do. After much study and prayer the General Young Women board came up with the Young Women Theme and the Young Women Values. They knew that this is what would help the young women be able to return to live with their Father in Heaven. “The values Faith, Divine Nature, and Individual Worth teach us that we are all daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves us. We have inherited divine qualities. We are each of infinite worth with our own divine mission. The values of Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, and Integrity will help guide us. As we “continually seek opportunities for learning and growth,” we will increase our knowledge and testimony of the gospel. We will be strengthened in our desire always to choose good over evil and to accept responsibility for our choices. We will learn to nurture others and play a major part in building the kingdom of God through righteous service. And finally, we will develop the moral courage to make our actions always consistent with our knowledge of right and wrong, allowing us to stand as witnesses for Christ ‘at all times in all things and in all places.'”(Mosiah 18:9)

“As we study the Young Women Values and their scriptural references, they will help prepare us to exert a righteous influence. As we use the values as guides to live by each day, the Lord will strengthen us and his Spirit will bring a marvelous awakening within us.” (Sister Kapp, I Walk By Faith Book)


· Did you know that the young women values came from the scriptures?? We are going to have a little scripture chase.

· Tell the girls the value scriptural references one at a time.

· The one to find it first gets to read it.

· Then give them the next one.
You may mix them up or do them in order. (Don’t forget the theme)


We are going to mark some very important scripture references in your scriptures tonight You’ll want to walk around and make sure that they are putting the right color with the right value, the right scripture etc.


· You will probably want to write the reference and the value on the board for reference.

· Have the girls find the scriptures and then mark them with the appropriate color. They will need to work at their own pace and not feel hurried. We want them to enjoy this part.


Tell the girls that now whenever they open their scriptures they will be reminded of their young women values and their scriptural reference. Every time they see one they will want to smile!!


Rice Krispies Treats with Fruity Pebbles. (4 cups rice krispies to 2 cups fruity pebbles)