YW Personal Progress Quote Album
YW Personal Progress Quote Album

YW Personal Progress Quote Album


YW-Theme-002-Page-3These are some adorable cards are shared by

Colette Bomsta
Ledgewood Ward/Morristown Stake
First, is my YW Quote Album – I’m not actually in YW (I’m in Primary) – but was asked to create this album for our ward. Basically, the YW Leaders came up with an incentive program that had applicable quotes for each value experience. As the girls pass each experience off – they receive a new quote card to add to their books. By the time they receive their medallion, they’ll have an album filled with over 60 quotes as related to each YW Value. You can read more about it below in a blog post I did to explain it. If you’d like photos/pictures of the albums they made, feel free to lift them off my blog. 🙂 http://mycomputerismycanvas.blogspot.com/2010/11/new-quote-album-for-ldsyw.html

Next… as a result of posting the Album on my blog – I’ve gotten a lot of requests to make larger Value specific images for use as art or centerpieces (which I finally got done this week). In the download link, I also included the image files for 8×10 photo printing, as well as a PDF version for easier printing. I also did a short write-up on my blog if you wanted to take a peak at that: http://mycomputerismycanvas.blogspot.com/2011/09/freebie-lds-yw-value-centerpieces.html
Everyone LOVES Colette’s files, so much that she overloaded her downloads, she has graciously let me put the file on my site for you to download!
Thanks so much Colette for sharing!!!