YW Values Scavenger Hunt

YW Values Scavenger Hunt

We had a YW personal progress scavenger hunt at the mall. Each team was given a digital camera to take photos of the items on the list.  The girls were told they could be as creative as possible– i.e. for the photo of a boy, one team took a picture of the man on the men’s bathroom door.  The girls had a great time and both teams gave away a pass-along-card, so they got some missionary work in as well.
Submitted by:
Telesia Fau
Henderson, NV

 YW Values Scavenger Hunt

RULES:  You have a set amount of time to take a photo of the following objects.  If it is an item of clothing, you must take a photo of a YW wearing the clothes.  If an item is in “” then you need a picture of the word in “”.  You must stay together in your group— no wandering off!  Please be sure to be safe, be courteous to those you encounter and have fun!!!

            Faith                                                                  Divine Nature

          White Pearls                                                                          Blue Purse

            Book of Mormon                                                                   Stroller

            Peace symbol/sign                                                               Temple

            Image of Jesus Christ                                                          Mother & child

            “Spirit”                                                                                   “Queen”

            Individual Worth                                          Knowledge

            Red pants                                                                              Green Shoes

            Journal                                                                                   Dictionary

            Family photo album                                                             Bread maker

            Work of art                                                                            Calculator

            “Talent”                                                                                 Backpack

            Choice & Accountability                              Good Works

            Orange shirt                                                                          Yellow socks

            Church standard music CD                                                 Work gloves

            Church standard movie                                                       Sewing Machine

            Modest Swimsuit                                                                  Work boots

            Menu                                                                                      1st Aid Kit

            Integrity                                                           Miscellaneous

            Purple hat                                                                              Lion (Legacy girls camp!)

            Modest prom dress                                                              Basketball

            CTR- on anything                                                                 Volleyball

            Cell phone  (for clean communication)                              American flag (patriotism)

            “No Fear”                                                                              Wedding Ring (celestial marriage)

                                                                                                            Tree (nature/creation)

                                                                                                            Boy (clean dating after 16!)

                                                                                                            Police Badge (law of the land)

            *BONUS:  give away a pass along card!!                          Cinnamon Roll (sweet blessings)

            (worth 3 items)                                                                     Present/gift (gifts of the spirit)

                                                                                                            1 French fry (fasting)

                                                                                                            “Thank You” (gratitude)

                                                                                                            Doctor/Lawyer/Teacher  (career)