Baby sitting kits

Baby sitting kits

I don’t know if you would be interested in this, but my daughter’s all-time favorite babysitter brings a bag with him each time with various games/books/movies etc.  BUT their favorite part is a little “treasure box”.  At the end of the evening, if they have been good all night, they get to pick a “treasure” out of the box.  He stocks it with happy meal toys, stickers, just cheap little stuff.  My daughters LOVE to pick out their prize.  I think it would be a great idea to decorate a little box for the girls to use as their treasure box.  About the size of a small shoe box…

I found several links that may be of use to you for babysitting kits:

you could break this into multiple activities if you wanted, first one — sewing simple tote bags up (your RS may already have a sewing machine or two in the closet, and the stake too, so ask around) next activity filling the bags. discussing the different ideas of what to do with kids like you have planned and making up as many homemade toys/games as you can… would be a good site for ideas

or if you can’t divide this up into more weeks having more of a workshop style meeting and rotating the girls through in small groups (this may be good since the # of machines could be limited) areas would be sewing, babysitting beyond movies, filling your tote, and maybe some cpr and other safety things.

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