Back to School Combating Stress

Back to School Combating Stress

We had a successful activity last night that I thought might work for someone looking for a back to school activity or this could be used quite easily at other times as well.  I introduced it as a night to learn to combat stress.  All the girls agreed that going to school and dealing with peer pressure and exams and homework was stressful.  I had 5 ways chosen and we went around a few rooms at the church learning a bit about them.

First was to get some exercise.  We went into the gym and I started a workout video and we did about 5 mins of hard workout and then 10 mins of stretching.  They liked the stretching allot.  At the end of this activity they all said what their favorite way to get exercise is.

Next we went to a different room and learned about setting realistic goals.  I had made a sheet with a quote and 4 areas to set a realistic goal in.  They were spiritual, physical, academic and personal progress.  I told them not to pick an actual goal to do in the PP but to decide how much they would get done this year (All the faith requirements, or 2 projects).  Then they folded them and sealed them with a sticker and I put them in and envelope and told them we would open them and see how they did at the end of the school year
After that we went back to the gym and I taught them some deep breathing techniques and some ways to relax (got some info off the internet).  I had some relaxing music playing and they all really liked this.  They were laying all over the gym floor and I almost had to wake a few of the girls up.

The next idea was to act like a little kid.  Of course the girls got right into this.  I brought coloring books and simple puzzles and old maid and Bop It.  They all said they love to color but hadnt done it in a long time.  I think they all tried all the games and activities.

I tried to save what I thought they would like the best for the last and they really liked this.  We talked about aromatherapy and made smelly bath salt.  I had a few fragrances and I taped over the names and passed them around and had them guess what they were.  They did pretty good.  When they found out they could pick their favorite to make some bath salt they were so excited.  They each got to take a baggie of it home and they all were really happy with how it all turned out.

All in all it was pretty easy to get ready and the girls had a great time and hopefully the idea can help out some of you!