My Wedding Binder – to print

My Wedding Binder – to print

This was put together for a Young Women activity, it is usually done by old YW, such as the Laurel age YW even though there is Pinterest now, it can still be fun to make a book, plus there are great quotes and some pages for the YW to write their thoughts and feels.

You can just use the pages you want!

WOW, I have gotten some pretty nasty comment about this activity, basically saying that YW should not be thinking about this kind of stuff and focusing on College, jobs healthy relations, while I totally agree with the fact the girls need to be ready for the REAL WORLD, this is a "FOR FUN" activity, if you think these YW are not thinking about this stuff, go look at Pinterst. I would hope we don't forget that these girls like to have fun and sometimes its ok to just relax and have fun.

Sorry I will not be posting comments that are nasty!!

Here are some Binder fronts as well as a couple printable pages that can go in your binder. In the PDF files there are front also that you can print, or there are these images below that you can send to a Photo Shop and have printed, they are sized as 8 x 10's.

YW Wedding Binder