YW egg drop and armor of God activity
YW egg drop and armor of God activity

YW egg drop and armor of God activity


I recently did an activity with our YW that incorporated a small lesson on the Armor of God and a fun Egg drop.

Supplies: — 1 raw egg per girl
— 2 raw prepared eggs with drawings of the Whole Armor of god on it — then the other one missing a key piece
— Rolls of Toilet Paper and paper towels
— Plastic small drinking cups
— cotton balls
— 1 Quart ziploc bag (with zip) per girl
— 1 roll of masking tape
— any other thing that would help cushion the egg in the drop.
— 1 ladder
Start the activity by drawing a simple figure of a soldier with the whole armor of god on the chalk board.  Something like this picture attached.
Then having each YW read a scripture about the Armor of God — found in Ephesians 6:11–17; D&C 27:15–18.  — come up to the board and label their specific armor.

Prepare two eggs of your own.  One that has a figure with the WHOLE armor of god.  (Put inside 1 ziplock bag — just in case)  Show that the egg has the entire armor on.  Ask the YW to apply pressure with their pointer finger and thumb to the ends of the eggs.  As hard as they can.  Try to  break it.  It should be nearly impossible — but put it in a bag just in case.

Then bring out your second prepared raw egg.  Draw on it the armor of god but missing a key piece.  Put it in a ziplock bag to contain mess.  Now break the egg using a specific attack — like a needle to the key piece of the armor that is missing.  Explain that the whole armor of God protects us from Satan’s attacks.  But when we are missing a key piece, we are weakened.
Next — sit the girls at a table to construct their protection for their own personal egg.
Ask the girls one by one questions so they can  obtain cushioning products to protect their egg.
Example:  ask the girls if they have prayed today — if yes then they get to choose an item — a couple squares of TP or some cotton balls etc, what ever item they wish.
Next ask them another question and reward them with more items.
(Other questions you can ask is have you read the scriptures with in the past 24 hours? — Have you completed 1 Personal Progress experience with in the past 3 months?

This way they earn more and more items — more and more protection for their egg — according to their obedience to the commandments.
Allow them to use the masking tape liberally.  But they will have to open it up afterward — so not too much tape.

Take the eggs —  they must fit in the quart size bag — to contain the mess.

Have them drop outside from a ladder.   Drop from about 8-10 feet.

Explain that the broken eggs could have been more cushioned if we had put on the whole armor of god on.