Purse-uit of Excellence
Purse-uit of Excellence

Purse-uit of Excellence

Purse-uit of Excellence

Shared by Holli Smith – Thanks so much Holli

We did it for our YW in Excellence this last November. Our girls LOVED it…”We Believe in the Purse-uit of Excellence”!  Our invites were purses, we made scripture totes for each girl that sat on our tables for center pieces, we had purse decorations on our refreshments…. I spoke about how everyday items can remind us of our YW values –

purse 1Here is a cute idea for a purse to make!





pocket mirror = divine nature (it allows us to see ourselves as God sees us),

cell phone = faith (prayer is our connection to God, it takes faith and action for it to work),

hand sanitizer = virtue (it keeps us clean and pure),

the purse = integrity (it keeps everything together, it gives our structure for our personality),

ID/driver’s license = individual worth (it tells defining information about each of us),

gum = good works (we need share our good works with others),

keys = knowledge (it helps us get to where we are going),

nail file = choice & accountability (bad choices constantly “prick” us where good choices smooth away rough edges and refine us).