Temple Night

Temple night

As far as the temple theme, we did a YWIE on a stake basis last year.  We had each ward make a poster of a particular temple – usually one not well-know – and display by their table.   Then each ward selected a girl to tell about their individual temple.  My daughter had recently been married and we had decorated the table at the reception with ceramic Manti Temples so we used those as decorations here and there around the room, along with other temples also.  Then we did a skit on different aspects of life that help us achieve our goal of temple marriage.  On the stage we spotlighted each “scene”, the people didn’t move, and then we read a small saying with each scene.  Some of the scenes used were – a family kneeling in family prayer, a girl choosing between two different dresses for prom (modesty), a boy and girl at the door shaking hands instead of a kiss, and even some scenes where people had appeared to prophets in the temple.  After all was done, the final scene was a young lady in a wedding dress, and a young man in a suit, and then we projected a picture of the temple behind them. During the scene changes, we had a speaker touch on each of the different areas we were covering.  It went really well and the ending was real neat.
Then, of course, the closing song was “I love to See the Temple.”