The Prophet of Oz (Skit)

The Prophet of Oz

The skit was written to go along  with the 2003 Mutual Theme.  Additional lyrics to the song “Somewhere over  the rainbow” were written by Karen D.

Cindy LaHue
Palm Bay 1st Ward
Cocoa Florida Stake

Thank you Cindy and Karen  for working hard on this program and to Gina P. for giving me the heads up on this great skit!

The Prophet of Oz

By Cindy LaHue

Scene I

Dorothy has just arrived in the land of Oz.  She is holding her dog Toto and her scriptures.

Dorothy:            Toto, I don’t think we’re in the Pre-Existence anymore.

Glinda :            Hello, little girl.

Dorothy:            Hello.  I’m Dorothy.  Who are you?

Glinda:            I’m Glinda the Good Angel.  The munchkins told me someone had come to their land.

Dorothy:            The munchkins.

Glinda:            Yes.  Come out everyone.  She won’t harm you.

Music plays in background as munchkins come out of hiding.

Glinda:            Dorothy, these are the munchkins.

Mayor:            As mayor of Munchkinland, and on behalf of the munchkin people, we officially  welcome you.

Munchkins sing the Hello song.

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

We welcome you today.  Hello!

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

We’re glad you came our way.

To share with us this extraordinary day,

And be our friend in a very special way.

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

We welcome you today.

Mayor:            May you have a pleasant stay in our fair land.

Dorothy:            Why, thank you very much, but I can’t stay.  I need to get home to my Heavenly Father.

Do you know how I can get home?

Glinda:            I’m afraid we can’t help you, dear.  However, there is someone who can.

Dorothy:            Oh, please tell me who.

Mayor:            The Prophet of Oz.

Dorothy:            The Prophet of Oz?

Mayor:            The Prophet of Oz is a great and wise man who lives in Emerald City.

Dorothy:            How far is Emerald City?

Glinda:            It’s not too far but in order to get there you have to pass through the depths of hell, the

temptations of the devil, and the pride of the world.

Munchkin #1:            Hell,

Munchkin #2:            And temptations,

Munchkin #3:            And pride,

Dorothy:            Oh my!  And that’s the only way to get there?  All right, where do I start?

Glinda:            Just follow the strait and narrow path.

Munchkin #1:            Follow the strait and narrow path.

Munchkin #2:            Follow the strait and narrow path.

Dorothy:            Follow the strait and narrow path.  Well, good-bye everyone and thank you!

Music plays in background : Follow the yellow brick road.

Scene II

Dorothy is walking along the strait and narrow path.

Dorothy:            Look, Toto!  There are people on the path.

Dorothy approaches Faith, Individual Worth, and Knowledge.

Dorothy:            Hello, I’m Dorothy.  Who are you?

Faith:              We’re the Value sisters.  I’m Faith.

Individual Worth: I’m Individual Worth.

Knowledge:            And I’m Knowledge.

Dorothy:            Value sisters?

Knowledge:            Yes, our parents named us after a specific trait they thought we possessed.

Individual Worth: Yeah, it’s too bad they got it all wrong.

Dorothy:            What do you mean?

Faith:              None of us possess the trait we were named after.

Dorothy:            You mean, you’re called Faith but you don’t have any.

Faith:              Exactly.

Dorothy:            That is a problem.  Maybe the Prophet of Oz can help you, too.  I’m on my way to the

Emerald City to meet him.  He’s going to help me return to my Heavenly Father.

Individual Worth:            Sounds like a good idea, but first we have to pass by this filthy river.

Knowledge:            I remember reading something about this river.  It’s the depths of hell.

Anyone who falls in is separated temporally and spiritually from God.

Dorothy:            Wow, that’s the dirtiest water I’ve ever seen, and it’s so close to the path.  How are we

going to pass by without falling in?

Individual Worth: I know.  The only way to get by is to stay clean.  Everyone hold on to the rod and

clear your mind of evil thoughts.  Now, who’s going to go first?

Faith:              Since I’m the oldest, I’ll go first.  Everybody ready?  Here we go.

Music plays as they pass by the river.

Scene III

Faith:              Phew!  We all made it past the river.  Look, there’s Choice & Accountability and Good


Dorothy:            Choice & Accountability?  Good Works?

Faith:              More Value sisters.  (calls to sisters)  Girls, come over and meet Dorothy.

Choice & Acct:   Hello.

Good Works:             Hello.  What brings you to the strait and narrow path?

Dorothy:            I’m going to see the Prophet of Oz.  He’s going to help me return to my Heavenly


Individual Worth: We’re going with her.  We want to ask the prophet if he can help us find the trait

we’re named after.

Choice & Acct:   Well, count us in.  I don’t know what Mom and Dad were thinking.  Parents just

don’t get it.

Group sings – We’re off to see the Prophet.  The wonderful Prophet of Oz.

A mist of darkness covers the group.

Dorothy:            What’s happening?

Faith:              Quick, grab onto the iron rod!

Sound of someone falling.

Individual Worth: Ouch!  Ow, ow, ow!

Dorothy:            Who said that?

Individual Worth: Me, Individual Worth.  I tripped and twisted my ankle.

Good Works:             Here, I’ll help you.  Climb onto my back.

Individual Worth:            Thanks!

Dorothy:            What’s going on?

Knowledge:            I think we’re surrounded by the temptations of the devil.

Individual Worth: Oh, great!  How are we going to get out of this?

Choice & Acct:   Shhh!  We have to calm down and make the right choice.  Let me think a

minute…I’ve got it!  We need to pray and ask the Lord to help

us get through the darkness.  He promised he would never let any

temptation come our way that we couldn’t overcome.

A moment of silence and then the mist of darkness is gone.

Dorothy:            Wow, that was close.  Come on everyone.  The sooner we get to Emerald City, the better.

Music plays as they continue down the path.

Scene IV

The group see Divine Nature and Integrity on the path.  Integrity is upset.

Integrity:            (crying) Wah!

Dorothy:            Did you hear that?  Someone is crying.

Faith:              It’s our sister, Integrity.  And Divine Nature is with her.

Divine Nature:            It’s going to be o.k., Integrity.  Don’t let them upset you.

Faith:              What’s wrong Integrity?

Integrity:            (pointing up)  Those people in the great and spacious building were making fun of me

because I wouldn’t do what they were doing.  They called me goody two-shoes.  Wah!

Dorothy:              Why is that building floating in the air?

Knowledge:            That’s the pride of the world.  They think they’re above everyone else.

Integrity:            (sniffling)  Who are you?

Dorothy:            I’m Dorothy.  I’m going to see the Prophet of Oz.  He’s going to help me return to my

Heavenly Father.  Your sisters are coming with me to find the traits they’re named


Integrity:            Oh, can we come too?

Dorothy:            Sure, but first we need to get past the great and spacious building.

Choice & Acct:   Those people make me so mad.  Who do they think they are?

Divine Nature:            Now, Choice & Accountability, it’s not going to do you any good to get angry with

them.  They’ll only laugh more.  We need to remember to “stand as witnesses of

God at all times.”

Integrity:            “Stand as witnesses of God at all times”…..Of course, the Young Women’s theme!

Everyone repeat it with me!

Everyone says the YW theme.

We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love him.

We will “stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places”

as we strive to live the Young Women values, which are:

Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice & Accountability,

Good Works, and Integrity

We believe as we come to accept and act upon these values, we will be prepared to

strengthen home and family, make and keep sacred covenants, receive the ordinances

of the temple, and enjoy the blessings of exaltation.

Dorothy:            Look!  The great and spacious building is falling!

Sound of loud crash

Dorothy:            We did it!  And there’s Emerald City.  Let’s see the Prophet!

Group sings – We’re off to see the Prophet.  The wonderful Prophet of Oz.

Scene V

The girls approach the door to the Prophet’s home.

Sound of knocking and then door opens.

Prophet:            Why, if it isn’t the Value sisters.

Faith:              How did you know we were the Value sisters?

Prophet:            I know your parents very well.  And who is the young lady with you?

Dorothy:            I’m Dorothy.  I’ve come to ask you for help to return home to my Heavenly Father.

Faith:              We need help too.  We think our parents made mistakes.  None of us possess the trait

we’re named after.

Prophet:            This is serious indeed.  Come in.  I should have something in my bag for you.  Faith,

Individual Worth and Knowledge.  Will you please come forward?

True faith requires righteous living.  Faith, you have lived the gospel principles which

enabled you to lead your sisters and friend along the strait and narrow path and not

despair when trouble came.

Individual Worth knew the “worth of souls is great in the sight of the Lord” and kept her

sisters and friend from falling into the depths of hell by remaining clean.

And Knowledge understood what the filthy river, the mist of darkness, and the great

and spacious building represented.  She could not have known this unless she had

been “seeking out of the best books…by study and also by faith”.

Therefore, you have earned the emblems of Faith, Individual Worth, and Knowledge.

Presents the girls with their emblems from his bag.

Now if Choice & Accountability and Good Works will come forward.

A daughter of God can make wise decisions and solve problems.  Choice &

Accountability chose to serve the Lord when she had you pray to overcome the

temptations of the devil.

And Good Works bore another’s burden as she carried Individual Worth along the strait

and narrow path.

Therefore, you have earned the emblems of Choice & Accountability and Good Works.

Presents the girls with their emblems

Finally, may I have Divine Nature and Integrity come forward.

The Lord has said, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God.”  Divine

Nature was an example of a true peacemaker as she calmed everyone down when the

pride of the world was contentious.

Integrity had the moral courage to make her actions consistent with right and wrong

when she refused to take part with the pride of the world.

Therefore, you have earned the emblems of Divine Nature and Integrity.

Presents the girls with their emblems.

Faith:              I can’t believe our parents were right.  We’ll never live this down.

Dorothy:            Excuse me, but do you have anything in your bag for me?

Prophet:            You do not need anything, for you have been carrying the answer to your question all


Dorothy:            What do you mean I’ve been carrying the answer all along?  All I’ve been carrying is

my dog and my scriptures.

Prophet:            Read 2 Nephi 31:20.

Dorothy:            “Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect

brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men.  Wherefore, if ye shall press

forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the

Father: Ye shall have eternal life.”

So all I need to do is continue living the Gospel and read my scriptures every day, then

I’ll be able to go home.

Prophet:            That’s right.  Personally, I think the scriptures are more precious than rubies, if you

know what I mean.

Dorothy:            Today I’m going to make a covenant to keep the commandments and read my

scriptures.  After all, there’s no place like home!

Girls sing – Somewhere over the Rainbow

The End

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Additional Lyrics by Karen Doscher


When all the world is a hopeless jumble

And the raindrops tumble all around,

Heaven opens a magic lane.

When all the clouds darken up the skyway,

There’s a rainbow highway to be found,

Leading from your window pane.

To a place behind the sun,

Just a step beyond the rain.


Somewhere over the Rainbow way up high,

There’s my home in God’s kingdom,

Where my soul longs to fly.

Somewhere over the Rainbow skies are blue,

And the scriptures I read from,

Testify that it’s true.

I’ll value faith, integrity,

And choose good works, be scholarly.

Press forward.

I am divine in nature, true,

An individual of worth, whom,

Will hold to, the Lord’s word.

Somewhere over the Rainbow way up high,

There’s my home in God’s kingdom,

Where my soul longs to fly.

I will press forward, steadfastly,

To be with Father,

For eternity.