Why fit in when you were born to stand out – YWIE
Why fit in when you were born to stand out – YWIE

Why fit in when you were born to stand out – YWIE

Why fit in when you were born to stand out - Young Women in Excellence Evening

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Save the Date:

drseuss ywe preview

My daughter made the Save the Date and invitations as well as the food tags, ( it was a project).

The Save the date cards are just 4x6 photo cards we gave out. Here is a blank one you can download, if you need help adding text to this click here: Adding Text to an image!

Save the Date Dr Suess Card preview

jpgSave the Date Dr Suess Card.jpg1.52 MB


invites YWIE yw excellence 2013 preview

The invites

The Invitations are just 5x7 photo cards. Here is are blank ones you can download, if you need help adding text to this click here: Adding Text to an image!

The "envelope" is just red 12x12 scrapbook paper, you cut in half then fold up part of the way, then she just cut a strip of blue paper and wrapped it around the red paper and taped it in the back. that held it in place. Then she cut out black scalloped circles on the Cricut, they she printed out the hat, then cut them out with with a hole punch.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Walmart and Sams club (not sure about Walgreens) will not print these, because of the Dr Suess image on them, Costco printed them without a problem. I am not trying to break any rules....... I personally don't think that having them print these images is copyright issue, but do what you feel 🙂

yw excelence 2013 invite Blank preview Why Fit In When You Were Born To invite blank preview
 jpgyw excelence 2013 invite Blank.jpg3.41 MB jpgWhy Fit In When You Were Born To invite blank.jpg3.17 MB


These are some of the pictures from our event, we just looked at Pinterest and went CRAZY

Behind the refreshment table we hand plastic tables cloths as the backdrop.

In the front I got cute wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby and covered that wall. We needed more stuff on that wall............... NOT MATTER WHAT YOU DO A GYM IS A GYM NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO HIDE IT 🙂

Ok, so you will notice in the pictures we have quotes all over the walls, I was going to make my own, then I saw these, it did got me........ BUT, I my plate has BEEN REALLY FULL LATELY and this was just so much easier


** one thing about these, actually I am thinking she is breaking copyright laws by having Dr Seuss images on her items she is selling, I do know YOU CAN NOT GET THEM PRINTED at a photo shop unless you have a release from DR Seuss. So before you buy them, just know you are going to have to print them on your own printer.

The some of the arrows on the "Road Sign" came from http://www.hatchpatch.com/new-beginnings-dr-seuss  some I made. It all depends what you want on them 🙂

The bridge is a bridge we have at our ward building, it was made by my husband years ago when we were both in Cub Scouts........ for the arrow of light ceremony. We just used it as the bridge into Dr Seuss land 🙂

Truffula Trees, we found out how to make them from this web site, they are CHEAP to make

So the front........... picture below......... I wanted to cover the mauve padding on the wall, so I used wrapping paper, cheap and easy.............. but it was such a large area I needed a lot more. We had a YW draw us a window....... it should have been larger!! We put a picture of the temple on a hill in the window, with a little Dr Seuss looking at the temple, then we printed out STAND OUT......... it needed more

front window

bookdec 1dec 2deco 3Deco 4street signtrees



You can see more ideas and the same ideas we used below on out Pinterest board http://www.pinterest.com/ideadoor/dr-seuss/

Picture Name and food

Name tag- just click on pictuce and the save that

image, they are sized as 4x6's

 Pink ink  Pink Ink Yink Drink-

Frozen lemonade/sprite slush

Pink Ink Yink Drink 
 no picture, I will try to find

one from someone else,

 Truffula Fruits-


 Cheese Tree  Cheese trees-

Cheese cubes on toothpicks

 fish (2)  One fish, 2 fish, crunch fish, chew fish-

Multicolored goldfish, Multi colored Swedish fish

green eggs (2) Green eggs & ham-

Deviled eggs with food

coloring/ skewer with Canadian bacon

green eggs 
Cat in the hat pops (2) Cat in the Hat Pops -

Marshmallow/cookie with red & white

chocolate on skewer

Cat in the Hat Pops 
Lorax Lorax Punch-

Orange Tang or Orange soda

fox (2) Fox in Socks-

Gummy socks

water WH2 O-

Water with green apple slices

cupcakes Thing 1, Thing 2 cupcakes-

Red velvet cupcakes in red wrappers

with crazy blue

cupcakes tag 
Ice Nice Ice in Pail .10 cents a pail -

Sonic ice

tag is different, copyright of Dr Seuss is an issue

ice tag 
 Here are a couple blanks ones blank 2 blank 


 GEDC1620 When I imagined this bag, I saw the bag printed in color

but since my colored printed stopped working, I was stuck 🙁

In the bag is the 4x6 Print at the right ( you can download it by clicking on it then right click and save image)

We also added a pair of socks with a poem, you can find that at


We also had a bag of gum balls, I wanted to add more stuff, but we ran out of money and time :)..... besides its not like the girls don't get stuff ALL THE TIME!!!

As I was AT the event, I all of a sudden though, I should have put a MIN book of the one I read in it...... dang that would have been cute 🙂



We had a simple program, I kinda wish now we had added more.. oh  well there is always next year 🙂

  • Welcome
  • Opening Song
  • Opening Prayer
  • Theme
  • Presentation by YW of what value experience or project they worked on this year and shared at YWIE
  • Musical Number - Walk Tall Your a Daughter
  • Talk
    • I shared a "Book" during my talk (see more on book below)
    • book
  • Talk
  • Closing Song
  • Closing Prayer


  • book

So I decided that since Dr Seuss is all about books, we needed to read one, but of course the big question, which one, well be made one, I don't want to say I wrote it, because some of the words are Dr Seuss and some my daughter and I wrote, but MOST came from Jill at http://www.hatchpatch.com/new-beginnings-dr-seuss 

I made a cover ( you can download it below) I had it printed as a 20x24, I then cut it down to fit a desk pad of paper, I really wanted it to look like a book, so this is what I used, I got mine at Staples


pad paper

I turned it sideways, then cut the cover down to fit it, I then clued it to the top page, since the top is just a light piece of paper, I taped the backside with packing tape to make it stronger.

I was planning on printed out the words for each page, and then taping them into the book and printing out cute Dr Seuss images for each page, BUT my color printed decided to STOP working, and of course I had just bought INK for it :(. ( it says there is a paper jammed in it......... but there is NOT..... gotta love technology)

Oh, I added some black tape on the side to look like the book had been binded.

So my daughter wrote it in the book and drew a few pictures to go with it.

I had the book up on an easel during the night, I did have to have my daughter help me hold the book so I could read it 🙂

Here are the pages in the book.

pages (1) pages (2)
 pages (3) pages (4)
 pages (5) pages (6)
 pages (7) pages (8)
pages (9)pages (10)