Sacred Promises Song

Sacred Promises Song

I have a song called “Sacred Promises” about preparing now to enter the temple. The sheet music’s in my personal progress idea book for young women, called “PERFECT PROJECTS”. Each verse is sung separately and then together with another verse (like “A Child’s
Prayer” in primary). It actually has three parts sung all at once at the end, so it sounds very rich. The nice thing is it’s so easy to learn. Our girls would sing it in the halls at church after young women. Totally sweet. (Note: I also give permission to photocopy sheet music for your family or ward :)Bonus: “Sacred Promises” is on my WE ARE DAUGHTERS music CD if you want to hear the professional performance or learn by singing along.



Clear and white, reflected in the water,
Rising bright amid the colored blossoms,
Strong and sure, a witness of His promise,
Is the temple—the house of God.

Dressed in purest white,
I shall enter that holy door;
Sacred promises
I will covenant with the Lord.

I am prepared to pledge obedience to all
My Father may command;
Receive the sacred blessings of this holy place
Where heaven’s close at hand.

All I am and all I ever hope to be
I offer to the Lord;
All I am and all I ever hope to be
I offer to the Lord.

Sacred promises
I will keep for eternity;
Blessed with light
That leads to exaltation,
Through the temple—the house of God.

© 2001 By Jeanni Gould