Family History ABCs Game
Family History ABCs Game

Family History ABCs Game

Family History ABCs Game

(Friend, Feb. 2002)

To play this family history game, remove pages 24–25 from the magazine. Glue them onto lightweight cardboard; let dry. Cut out the picture cards and put them into a small, sturdy bag. Have the first player draw out one card from the grab bag and tell what the person or action or thing named on it has to do with family history. There are no “wrong” answers. If the person drawing the card can’t think of an answer, the other players may help. After playing the game, have each family member choose something that he or she will do during the coming week or month to add to your family’s history.

A Aunt B Birth certificate C Cemetery record D Death certificate
E Elderly relative F Family group sheet G Gather information H History book
I Identify photograph J Journal K Kindred dead L Library
M Marriage license N Name O Organization (family) P Pedigree chart
Q Questions R Record information S Share information T Temple
U Uncle V Vital record W Write letters X eXtended family
Y Year of birth or death or marriage Z Zeal

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