53 FHE Lesson D & C / Church History

These are very large files, it amy take a few minutes to open them

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Patti Rowley of Apple Valley, CA has done it again. Here is her note to me,” I gathered together material from the Friend so I could have fhe lessons to hand out to my 11 year old primary boys class. I tried to get ones that related to the Primary Manual 5 as possible. ”


NOTE ADDED: Dec 12, 2012

I noticed a while ago in the the FHE section that someone went to the trouble of creating 53 FHE Lessons based on Primary manuals 4-7. I updated the files since some were hard to read and the formatting was messed up. I also added activity ideas which came straight from the Friend.
Jennifer Sykes

pdffhe lessons – church history.pdf12.59 MB