Prayer Bear

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I’m just a little Prayer Bear,
I’ll sit upon your bed
It’s my job to remind you
When your prayers should be said.

When you put me on your pillow
As you make your bed each day
Remember as you hold me,
To take the time to pray

Then when you go to bed at night
And put me on the floor,
Remember to take the time to kneel
And say your prayers once more.

I wanted to do something special for the 4-7 year old class without spending too much money.
I took what you had on the website and worded it a little differently with a different bear picture. I printed out on a 4×6 card, cut around the edges, and then laminated. I let the children know that they could put the Prayer Bear Card next to their bed to remind them to say their prayers morning and night. Maybe there is someone else that would like to use what I have created.
Deb Arana (Thanks Deb for sharing!!!)
Edgewater, FL