General Conference Activity Days

General Conference Activity Day

The Friend Magazine in October 97 has a song called “At Conference Time”. The Seniors could learn it by singing all three verses with copies and memorizing the catchy chorus. The Juniors could also learn the chorus and possibly the first verse with visual aids. —Karen


We had a General Conference Activity Day before October 1999 conference. It turned out very successful!

We met together and told them the story of King Benjamin, when he spoke to his people from the tower and their tents were turned toward him. We compared it to our day when we can watch TV to hear and learn from our Prophet, Pres. Hinckley.

We then split them into three groups and rotated to each area every 15 minutes. Our goal was to help them come to know the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve (those men we knew they would see in Conference). Group #1: played “Upset the Fruit Basket” only using pictures of the First Presidency. As they walked into the room we gave them a small picture of a member of the First Presidency. As the leader would show the picture, the children with that picture would get up from their chair and find another chair. We left all the chairs in the circle so that all could play for the full time. It just helped them get to know the First Presidency better.

Group #2: played concentration with the pictures of the Quorum of the Twelve. We tried to tell a little story about the member of the Quorum when they got a match.

Group #3: played a Conference Bingo game found in the Friend.

We met together at the end and gave each child a picture of Pres. Hinckley, so that they could hang it in their room at home. On the back of the picture were the words to “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet”, which we sang as the closing song.

It was a very nice hour with the children and the spirit was felt as we ended with the song. Have a great day!! Good luck! —Brenda

Here’s an idea for an Activity Day prior to General Conference:
Use the story of King Benjamin from the Book of Mormon as a springboard. Just like general conference today, in Book of Mormon times when the prophet had something important to tell the people he would gather them all together for a “conference”. Activities could include forming teams and pitching tents together, building towers with Legos, story time where they learn about the teachings of King Benjamin, etc. Each child could go home with a worksheet to fill out while watching General Conference, i.e., What was the Opening Song? Who was the 1st Speaker? What color tie did Pres. Hinckley wear?