General Conference Scene It – April 2014
General Conference Scene It – April 2014

General Conference Scene It – April 2014

GC April 2014

So last General Conference I put a Scene It game together, it was a hit, so I am doing it again, although this time, I have made it in PowerPoint. Now you just need to hook your computer to a bog screen and click on the arrow every time you need to go to the next screen. To watch the video click on the black rectangle that is the video to start it, and click on the black screen to start each 30 second count down.

See see last conferences one click here:General Conference Scene It (Oct 2013)


All bits of talks came from “Conference Highlights” it had highlights and images from the 184th Semiannual General Conference and What Apostles Said at the April 2014 General Conference. So I just download those, they had already picked important parts of each talk.

Anyway I hope you enjoy!!


May VT Handouts 2014 – General Conference one liners – printables


Here is one way to play, you can do what every you want!

How to Play:

  1. My Play ( just one team plays)
  2. All Play (all teams play and first to buzz answers question)
  3. X2 double the points
  • Dice: 1 regular dice and follow the following key (included to print) or Print and make the Dice that is included
  1. My Play ( just one team plays)
  2. All Play (all teams play and first to buzz answers question)
  3. All Play X2
  4. My Play
  5. All Play
  6. My Play X2
  1. All questions are worth 5 points; if they roll an X2 then it is now worth 10 points. All bonus questions are also worth 5 points.
  • TEAMS:
  1. Divide into teams, do not do more than 5 on a team ( less is better), because that just makes it so not all kids think they have to play, but just sit there.
  • Other items needs:
  1. Something to keep score on, large paper, chalk board, white board etc. Bells or buzzers, enough for each team. Maybe a paper and pen in case they need to write something down to figure it out, or if you add any extra questions that might include writing.
  • Playing:
  1. Figure out who is going first ( roll the dice who ever get the highest number goes first)
  2. Roll Dice- let that team roll the dice
  • if it’s MY PLAY: have team answer question, if they get it wrong, open it up for ALL PLAY
  • If it’s ALL PLAY: then the team that hits their buzzer with the correct answer first wins.
  1. Play the first clip
  2. After the time finishes pause the DVD so you can comment and give the right answer if you need too. Please note that this is not like the normal “Scene It” game, it’s just a running DVD, so you will need pause it and unpause it. So it’s best to have someone running the DVD for you. If the kids answer the questions before the 30 seconds is up, then the timer will still need to count down.
  3. Next turn is the next team, not matter who answers the question, you still go in order.
  • There are 35 “ video questions”, “missing images” or “who is this?” slides, 
  • Comments: It is up to the person who is the MC of the game if they want to point out something about the talk or add a comment or thought about each talk/slide


Here is a preview of it

 {edocs}/images/Gen Conf/April 2014 GC/April 2014 GC Scene It.pdf,600,400{/edocs}