Some ideas on chores Kids can do at what ages

Some ideas on what Kids can do at what ages

Ages 2
-Help make the bed (pull covers up)
-Pick-up toys
-Hang clothes on hooks
-Carry laundry to and from the laundry area
-Help feed animals
-Help wipe up spills
-Bring in the newspaper
-Mop a small area
-Pour from a small pitcher
-Help pick up the living room

Ages 4 – 5

-Any of the others plus:
-Make their own bed
-Clear dishes from the table
-Set the table
-Retrieve the mail
-Dust the furniture
-Help in the kitchen
-Help carry and put away groceries

Ages 6 – 12

-Any of the others plus:
-Take care of pets
-Cook simple foods
-Help wash the car
-Vacuum, sweep and mop
-Clean the bathroom completely
-Rake leaves and shovel snow
-Use the washer and dryer
-Hang and fold laundry
-Take out the trash

Ages 13 and Up

-Any of the others plus:
-Change light bulbs
-Replace vacuum cleaner bags
-Wash inside and outside of windows
-Clean out refrigerator
-Clean stove and oven
-Prepare a meal
-Make grocery lists
-Do all laundry functions
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