Food Storage List For A Year

(by Karla Cervantez)

I hope ladies that this is what you wanted. If there are some things that you do not use then put something there in that place. Also remember to put money in your food and home storage. Enjoy and have fun

Week 1 Popcorn: invest in a pop corn popper if you do not have one, lower your families fat intake.
Week 2 Detergents, bleach and other cleansers. Don’t forget to use manufactures coupons.
Week 3 Medicine chest and feminine products; you do not want to be out when you need them.
Week 4 First aid supplies, band aids, Neosporin, benadryl, ect.

Week 1 Canned meats, corned beef, Spam, chicken, act
Week 2 Personal products, soap deodorant, toilet paper, shampoo, lotion, ect
Week 3 Peanut Butter
Week 4 Solid shortening, less expensive than oil and stores longer, but buy oil if you prefer.

Week 1 Juices Avoid watered projects; look for 100% lemon, orange pineapple, ect.
Week 2 More first aid products, gauze patches, swabs, cotton balls, tape ect
Week 3 Mixes Cake, pancake, muffin, or purchase items separately and make them yourself.
Week 4 spices and Herbs Buy the ones you use the most often, pepper, cinnamon, bay leaves, oregano, ect

Week 1 Toiletries Toothpaste, floss razor blades, shaving cream, ect
Week 2 Pasta consider your family’s tastes.
Week 3 Dry milk: 40 ounces makes 5 gallons
Week 4 Assemble an emergency sewing kit, thread, pins needles, buttons, tape measure, scissors, ect. Keep it compact and handy

Week 1 Flour, white wheat pastry, rye ect.
Week 2 Dry soups and crackers, Restore crispness by placing crackers in microwave (dehydrator and oven work as well.)
Week 3 Gelatin and pudding mixes. you can also make you own mixes
Week 4 Garden seeds: don’t forget the radishes they grow fast and are full of vitamins

Week 1 White sale month; buy those much needed sheets or towels
Week 2 Safety week, replace flashlight batteries, check smoke detectors practice your fire escape routes
Week 3 Cheese cheese cheese. buy in 5,10 15 pound blocks and cut into smaller blocks and freeze
Week 4 Paper towels, aluminum foil, sandwich bags ect

Week 1 Condiments; mustard, catsup mayonnaise relish pickles ect.
Week 2 Canning supplies Certo or Sure jell canning lids ect. If you do not can stock up on jams and jellies
Week 3 Fill or refill water jugs.
Week 4 Canned milk, try non fat varieties to cut back in your family’s fat intake.

Week 1 Baking powder baking soda, cornstarch ect.
Week 2 Canned fruit, buy it already canned or can some your self.
Week 3 Tomato week. Can it yourself or already canned, whole stewed, sauce or juice, ect
Week 4 Can or freeze veggies or buy them canned or frozen

Week 1 Sugars: Replenish your supply from canning, also powered and brown sugar
Week 2 Canned tuna and salmon, buy them already canned or can some your self.
Week 3 Dry beans, peas, rice, and legumes
Week 4 Sweeteners, Honey, Corn Syrup, Molasses, maple syrup ect

Week 1 Vinegar. apple cider, white (removes adores in laundry and great cleanser)
Week 2 Canned Soups, try the low salt and low fat varieties or make your own
Week 3 Apples, make your own pie filling, applesauce apple butter, juice, but then you can also buy if you do not can
Week 4 Nuts, Walnuts pecans almonds, ect They will freeze well

Week 1 Iodized salt. it seasons preserves and in a pinch a toothpaste
Week 2 Vitamins a good multi vitamins extra C for Flu and cold season ladies do not forget your calcium and vitamin D
Week 3 Treats for baking, cocoa, coconut, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, ect
Week 4 Rolled Oats, cornmeal, hot cereals, get what your family eats

Week 1 Cooking Oil, get good quality oil. Canola, olive and peanut oils har the healthier choices
Week 2 Candles and matches, put them where you can easily locate them in the dark.
Week 3 Merry Christmas! You’ve given yourself a great gift- security
Week 4 Hope you saved a little for those after Christmas sales; lots of bargains to be found this time of year. Do get out of the habit Turn this book over next week.