Family Scavenger Hunt

Family Scavenger Hunt Every family needs to plan for what might happen. …
creating your family disaster kit

Every family needs to plan for what might happen. You should sit down with your family and talk about:
What types of disasters might happen
What you should do to prepare (like creating your family disaster kit)
What to do if you are asked to evacuate (which means to leave your home)
You should talk to your family about:

Where to meet away from your home in case of a fire (like a neighbor’s house or the corner of the street);
Where to meet outside your neighborhood if you must evacuate. You should pick a friend or relative’s house;
Where to call to “check in” if you become separated from your family during a disaster. You should memorize the phone number of a favorite aunt or family member who lives in another state. You would call there to report where you are so your family can find you.
You can also talk with your whole neighborhood about disaster plans. Find out if someone in your neighborhood has a special skill — like being a doctor.

Also, be sure your house has a smoke detector and remember to change the batteries twice a year. It’s also a good idea to take a first aid class so you will be prepared to help others.
How many items in a Family Disaster Kit do you already have on hand? How about a scavenger hunt?

Put a check next to each item that you find:
Stored water (10 points)
10 cans of food for each person in your house (10 points)
High energy foods like peanut butter, crackers and trail mix (5 points)
At least half of the items listed for a first aid kit (ask your Mom or Dad for help) (10 points)
Clothes set aside for everyone in the house, including shoes or boots (5 points)
A family disaster plan (15 points)

You get one point for each of these items you have in your house (or garage):
Mess kits or paper/plastic plates and cups (1 point)
Battery-operated radio and extra batteries (1 point)
Flashlight and extra batteries (1 point)
Non-electric can opener and utility knife (like a Swiss Army knife) (1 point)
Fire extinguisher (ABC type) (1 point)
Pliers (1 point)
Tape (1 point)
Compass (1 point)
Matches in a waterproof container (1 point)
Aluminum foil (1 point)
Signal flares (1 point)
Paper and pencils (1 point)
Needle and thread (1 point)
Shut-off wrench to turn off the gas and water to your house (1 point)
Plastic sheeting (1 point)
Whistle (1 point)
Toilet paper (1 point)
Soap (1 point)
Household chlorine bleach (1 point)
Plastic bucket with a tight lid (1 point)
Plastic garbage bags (1 point)