Problems Printing PDF files

Problems Printing PDF files

Make sure that you are clicking the print button in the Adobe reader window (the window in which the file opens) and not the print button in the browser window. Otherwise it won’t print off the whole picture.

Make sure when printing a PDF file, you click the “print” button in the PDF window NOT the browser window!

·         NOTE:  printing a PDF file onto stickers, labels and/or CD’s.  When you click print, notice what the “Page Scaling” says.  I have been looking into this a little more.  People have told me that they are not fitting or printing right on the paper.  You will need to make sure that the “Page scaling” says NONE.  I print in that (NONE.)  When I print in “fit to printer margins” sometimes it is off!!   So try this and it should print right!!

·         When printing other items in Adobe Reader make sure you look in the window “preview” window in the print box and see how things fit.   If you are printing something that is made in “landscape” make sure your paper prints that way.   In the Abode Reader print window click on “Properties” and then change the paper to landscape!

ALSO: Some people are having a problem with some missing letters and they don’t print right.  Thanks to Heather S., she has helped me understand why!
The answer to the problem is that people need to update their Adobe Acrobat Reader to the newest version. When this is updated, all the letters will be right and everything is great. Just go to and you can download the updated version for free. Click here to get the download