Little Wreath – Gift Idea

Little Wreath


We bought a lot of long artificial greenery (like those used to wrap
banisters). Cut them into short lengths, made them into a circle and tied a ribbon to
hand it on and the following message with the same color of ribbon. Very
inexpensive and pretty.


This little wreath, a simple circle of green,
Is a symbol of life everlasting which Christ brings.
His love, a circle we can help to extend . . .
A circle of love that will never end.
With this little gift on your holiday door,
Let it remind you . . . (you’ve heard it before) . . .
He stands at the door – the Savior outside,
You are the one that must open it wide –
And invite Him to help your circle to grow,
As you strive, day by day, the gospel to know.