Nativity Costumes
Nativity Costumes

Nativity Costumes

navtivity costumesNativity Costumes


Step 1: Make Mary, Joseph and Jesus Costumes

Three of the key figures in the nativity story include Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. To make these costumes, you will want to find fabrics or robes that resemble the following requirements:

  1. Mary. Mary traditionally wore some sort of robe, usually blue or white, and a head scarf of a similar color.

  2. Joseph. Joseph was carpenter

  3. Baby Jesus. When baby Jesus was born, it is said he was laid in the manger in swaddling clothes. Whether you are using a real baby, or most likely a doll, you will want to wrap the baby in simple white swaddling cloth.

Step 2: Make the Three Wise Men Costumes

  • The Wise Men wore head scarves and simple cloth robes as well, but dressed in brighter colors than shepherds. Wise Men can dress in the same colors as the shepherds, as long as they wear a bright, colorful sash to their ensemble. This will distinguish them from the Shepherds.

  1. Buy or make a simple robe out of cloth.

  2. Tie a colorful piece of fabric around the robe as a sash

  3. Carry presents, which the Wise Men have to give to the Christ Child. This include gifts of Christmas gold, frankincense and myrrh

  4. Wear simple sandles.

  5. If desired, use a fake beard and wig to give you long hair.

Step 3: Make Shepherd Costumes

Shepherds wore the following:

  1. Simple cloth robe (brown, black or grey)

  2. Staff

  3. Sandals

  4. Head scarf

  5. Beard, if desired

  6. Wig, if desired

Step 4: Make Nativity Animal Costumes

Some of the animals that were part of the nativity scene included:

  1. Sheep – Purchase a simple sheep costume, or make one yourself using white sheets, mittens and black slippers for your hands and feet, a bell around your neck, etc.

  2. Camel. If you cannot purchase a simple camel costume, you can make your own. Wear light brown sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Purchase a piece of light tan felt and cut out a large circle to place in the center of your sweat shirt. Paint your face light brown.

  3. Donkeys – Dress in dark brown sweat pants and sweat shirt. Paint your face brown.

  4. Cow – Dress in white sweat pants and white sweat shirt. Cut out a piece of pink fabric and attach to the middle of your sweat shirt. Paint your face white.

Step 5: Make Christmas Angels

Christmas angels should dress in a simple white robe, wearing angel wings and a halo. Add glitter to your face and white ballet shoes and tights. For more information on how to make an angel costume, see mahalo’s guide to making your own angel costumes.