Easter Egg-stravaganza

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Thanks to Sarah Perez for sharing this idea!!

Easter Egg-stravaganza (printable copy) 

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Easter Egg Hunt

The Nursery goes out for three minutes, then the Jr. Primary is unleashed to join them for two minutes, then the Sr. Primary joins them until there are no eggs left.


1) an egg toss

2) an egg on a spoon relay

3) a rubber chicken launch

Egg-stra Special Bake-Off


pies and tarts

cakes and cupcakes

cookies and brownies

breads and muffins

The only rule would be that it should include an egg in the recipe to fit into the theme.


ballots for the bake-off

sign-up sheets for the filled eggs

sign-up sheets for the Bake-Off

the advertising.

provide the eggs for the Egg Toss and Egg Relay

provide spoons for the Egg Relay

the slingshots for the chicken launch

the rubber chickens for the launch

some decorations for the Bake-Off tables

plates, napkins, and forks for the desserts

some prizes or ribbons for the games and bake-off

Rainy Day Plan:

reserve the cultural hall at church just in case