This Easter egg’s not empty

Here’s a poem I wrote a couple years ago.  I attached it to an empty egg (I poked a hole through the egg with a needle and then tied a string through the egg to the note.)

By: Carla O. Allen


This Easter egg’s not empty,

It’s full of love for you,

And we want you to know

That Jesus loves you too.


When Jesus died his friends were sad,

They put him in a tomb.

A stone was then placed in front

And soldiers watched the room.


When three days passed an angel came

And moved the stone away.

The soldiers saw the angel

And they didn’t want to stay

The friends came to look for Jesus,

They didn’t want him harmed.

But Jesus Christ had risen,

So they were not alarmed.

The tomb may have been empty,

But Jesus was full of love.

And if we can live righteously,

We’ll live with him above.