Gift Ideas for the Men in your Ward for Father’s Day

Here is a list that I have compiled from what they have done in our ward or others have shared with me. I also asked my husband what he thinks is nice, he said food always wins!!

  • A baggie with 3 homemade cookies in it.
  • Cookies and Milk – Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies -you can buy a box of 250 frozen cookie dough balls from an Otis Spunkmeyer outlet (if you have one in your area) for about $60.00 they cookies are do good it is worth it.
  • Browines
  • M&M Bow Ties : You just buy the small pkgs of m&m or Skittles.  Divide the pkg in half and wrap a ribbon around the middle a couple of times and tie it.  Leave enough string so that you can tie it around the dad’s neck. Click here for picture
  • Another version of the M & M Bow Tie – CLICK HERE
  • Pie: Women in the ward sign up tp bring pie, then the last 15 minutes of Preisthood the RS server the men pie.
  • Candy Bar
  • Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches
  • How about Root Beer Floats
  • Candy Ties – Little LDS Ideas: Father’s Day Tie Treat!