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Temple Prints

Temple Prints

slc going there image

These are images that I have collected of LDS temples, I have changed some to have an antique look, some I have written Families are Forever or I'm Going there Someday!

It is so hard to list them all with downloads, they are in alphabetical order, sorry there is not a preview of each, this is the best way for me to display them.

Please note the size of the image, not all are very large, when I started doing this is was for a craft project I was doing, (Small Temple Picture ) and I did not need a very large image. So most are not large.

Basic rule of thumb, to print something as an 8 x 10 it needs to be over 1000 kb, anything smaller would not print well.

To be able to print something as large as a 16 x 20 the image needs to be over 2500 kb. I only have a few that large. If something is a MB, then you hit the mother load 🙂 that is VERY LARGE

Helpful Pages with downloading and printing