Objective to bring the “Fold” together and to personally invite those who you wouldn’t normally see at a Ward Activity.

THE PLAN: The Activity Chairman goes to Ward Council and gives every member there the same assignment “You are in charge of one table for 8 at this dinner theater activity”. This means that you are to call 7 more people to sit at your table. You – 8 people are to choose from the list (or come up with one of your own) a Broadway Musical that you will do as the theater part of the evening when we are finished eating. Not everyone at the table has to perform but at least one member of the table does. It can be anything you want it to be as long as it pertains to your “Broadway Musical” Using a tape recorder and lip-syncing is highly recommended for added fun! You are in charge of having your own table decorated (with musical theme) and everyone has to come in the costume (with musical theme) -whether they are performing or not. You must invite a single adult, a widow, and a non-member or inactive person or couple to join your table. Your table provides your own dinner it must be food that is related to your musical. You bring your own utensils and dishes for your table. Practice your musical if you want – that’s up to you. There can be no cross-dressing. You must call me (the Chairman) and tell me the Musical you have chosen and the 8 people who are sitting at your table. It is a first come first serve. No one can do the same musical and you can’t invite the same people to sit at your table! The Chairman will go through the roster and make sure people “who would come if invited” are really invited and those that are not invited might be added to your table but you will be notified in advance. You are in charge of your own props and own clean up when we are through! ENJOY see you there!

Examples: “Singing in the Rain” everyone wore beanies with the umbrellas and had squirt bottles and “rained” on people all night!

“Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” there were seven sets of “dressing alike”.

“Wizard of Oz” dressed as all the characters, and ate stew Toto was supposedly in the stew!