Day in the Life of Joseph Smith

Day in the Life of Joseph Smith

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This great idea was sent to me by Sarah Skabelund Ray Ward Primary- Gilbert Greenfield Stake


Attached are the sheets that I did for the scripture translation (picture is for younger children to color, scripture for older children to do.) The cut outs for Station 7 (Joseph Smith in Liberty/Carthage Jail). Also, for the 1st Vision, I did a short video from the new restoration video we got last year, and handed out book marks. Deseret Book had 10 for $3.00 and it had
Joseph in the grove and said, “I will follow God’s plan for me” They are made just for this year’s primary theme. Another thing that we did was for the digging, I had them search for Rolo’s and Starbursts (we have a lot of allergies in our primary). We blindfolded the older children and gave them all spoons to dig. They all thought that was the greatest! Some even wanted to put dirt in their bags. We had our Ward missionaries do the missionary section and hand out pass along cards. At the end, we had the Bishop talk about the priesthood, since that was the only thing that was not on the list. I am also attaching the template for the name badges printed on 2″ x 4″ stickers.

We did this at our church, and I put the sections where it was serious in rooms, and the fun ones in the cultural hall. We had so many compliments on this activity.