by Kathy Kinman and Janet Rumel, adapted by Sue Salisbury

Scene 1:Sister Jones’ home-she’s putting on her makeup to the light of one small lamp
Sister Jones:(yawn) Oops! Almost missed my eye!  Four o’clock is about the earliest I can make it and I know we’re encouraged to do our visiting teaching early!
(Goes out the door and gets into her car. Drives to her comp’s house. Sister Brown gets into the car with some cereal and milk, a bowl and her Ensign)
Sister Brown:Good morning!  My, it sure is DARK at 4:15!
Sister Jones:I know-I’ve never been out THIS early before!  This really is a first! Won’t Sister Smith be surprised to see us this early!
(Driving along…)
Sister Brown:By the way, you did prepare the lesson, didn’t you?
Sister Jones:No, I gave the lesson last time. It’s your turn.
(adlib discussion about whose turn it is..)
Sister Brown:Oh no, remember? Sister Smith gave the lesson-she’d already done her visiting teaching!
Sister Jones:I’ll tell you what-there’s a stoplight ahead. If it’s red, you give the lesson.
(can slow down-after all, she’s the driver 🙂 but in either case, it’s a red light!)
(drive along, Sister B can be flipping through her Ensign)
Sister Jones:Is this her house?
Sister Brown:I don’t think so…I don’t remember that statue in front…
Sister Jones:Is that the one?
Sister Brown:I don’t think so…it’s so dark it’s hard to tell!
Sister Jones:Oh-that’s it-over by the street light!
Sister Brown:Good thing she has a streetlight by her house or we’d have had to wait till sunrise!
(park car and knock on door.  Inside, Sister Smith rolls over and tells her husband it must be the paperboy. She gets up, puts on her robe…answers the door to find her VTers, smiling, cheerful, awake..!)
Sister Jones:Good morning!  I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see us this early!
Sister Smith:(feel free to adlib!) No…I sure didn’t…didn’t expect to see anyone this early!
Sister Brown:What a pretty robe!  That color looks so good on you!  I don’t think I’ve seen you in it before..
Sister Smith:No, I don’t think you have..
Sister Jones:Do you mind if we come in for our visit?
(go in and sit down)
Sister Brown:Your neighborhood is so dark this time of morning!
Sister Smith:Really? I’ve never noticed..
Sister Jones:Yes- we even had a hard time finding your house!  Thank goodness there’s a streetlight out front!
Sister Smith:Oh yes…we bought this house just in case someone couldn’t find it in the dark…
Sister Brown:And it’s such a quiet neighborhood!
Sister Jones:We wanted to be sure to do our visiting teaching early this month but 4:30 was the earliest we could make it.
Sister Brown:We brought you some breakfast-knowing how busy you are, we didn’t think you’d have eaten yet. (pours some cereal and milk in a bowl she’s brought)
Sister Smith:….Why..thank you. I hadn’t eaten yet.
Sister Jones:Good!  We’re glad we caught you home and that you’re not busy!
Sister Smith:Oh no, I wasn’t doing anything…just sleeping…
Sister Brown:My, your children are so quiet!!
Sister Smith:Yes, they’re very good when they’re asleep.
Sister Jones:Well, we don’t want to keep you…….
Sister Smith:(cut her off) Up?
Sister Jones:from  your busy schedule. Thanks for letting us visit!
Sister Brown:Wait!  The stoplight!  I’m giving the lesson!
Sister Smith:(obviously confused) Right….the stoplight…
Sister Jones:(hopefully) You haven’t given it yet, have you?
Sister Smith:Let’s see, 4:30 on the first of the month …. no …don’t think I have…
Sister Brown:(getting up and taking the bowl from Sister Smith, proceeding to the kitchen to rinse it) Well, I did read the lesson and it was really neat-about ‘As I Have Loved You’
Sister Smith:(gets up quickly to take the bowl) Here-let me do that for you-I had two meetings last night and my husband was late getting home from his ….. we were so tired that we didn’t have a chance to clean up the kitchen. And today I’ve got to be at Jenny’s school at 8…
(Sister J and B look at each other, like they both get the idea at the same time)
Sister Jones:Let us help you!
Sister Brown:Many hands make light work! Besides, we can talk about the lesson as we work!
(They all straighten the kitchen, acting out talking. As they’re doing this, a love bug dances in and decorates their faces with hearts. They come back into the living room with smiles.)
Sister Smith:(sincerely) I’m so glad you came. Thank you for making my day….I sure love you!
Sister Jones:And we sure love you!
(group hug)
Sister Brown:See you Sunday! Call us if you need anything!
Sister Jones:We’ll be back next month too but 4:30 is about the earliest we can make it!
(They drive off in their car-now a Love bug, all decorated wih hearts)
Sister Jones:That was so special…Now we just have to call our supervisor.
Sister Brown:Supervisor?  I didn’t even know we had a supervisor! Who is it?
Sister Jones:I don’t know…let’s call Sister Johnson (RS Pres) (hold up cellphone) She’ll be happy to hear that we went visiting teaching early like she asked. Besides, she doesn’t get many phone calls!
(Shift back to Sister Smith’s house as she’s walking back into her bedroom, getting ready to take off her robe. There’s a knock at the door. She tells her husband she’ll get it as she’s up-ties her robe again…Comes back)
Sister Smith:Honey…hurry-get up!  It’s the home teachers!…