A Visiting Teaching Gathering

“A Visiting Teaching Gathering”

I would like to share what we did in our ward this year. I hope you enjoy my ideas.
Linda, Relief Society President
Pasco, WA

“A Visiting Teaching Gathering”

We do it in January to start the year off. We called it “A Visiting Teaching Gathering”, we produced a video called “Visiting teaching Out Takes” which had 4 scenario’s, the first one is, “the phone call”, we’ll be over in an  hour with a van full of children to eat peanut butter sandwiches in your new home. The 2nd scenario is “You’re visiting Me”, vt’s visit between themselves and pay little attention if any to visitee. The 3rd scenario is “The Last Day” basically a phone call to a sister who could use some help. The 4th scenario is “The Right One” visiting teachers study together and then visiting with sister sharing message and scripture.

This was done with a lot of humor, we have a sister in our ward who runs the cameras for news programs, so it was put together with music and done professionally. Everyone enjoyed it.

Then we had a sock exchange to the story of the power of two, Unity.

Then a talk on reactivation through visiting teaching.

Then had a “circle of sisters”, how 2 become the complete circle of sisters.

This was held on a Saturday morning, we had a breakfast with a waffle bar, fruit and apple or orange juice.