Baptism Fireside/ Preview – my thoughts, links and printables

Some of my thoughts on the Baptism Fireside/ Preview

Okay, I’ll give you my feeling on the Baptism Fireside or preview, which ever you want to call it!
I think they are great! It really is not a night about learning about getting baptized as much as it is a night for them to understand all that is going to go on, since they are learning about this all year long, from their family and at church.
Things we do are,
~ We have had the Bishop talk about what happens at the interview the kids have with him, so they are not scared
~ We show then the clothes they will be wearing
~ We show them the font.
~ We have one of the dad’s and kids show how you get Baptized
~ We then spilt up, the boys are told about Cubs, they get info on what they will need to get, (we also show them and tell the parents a little about the Cub Booklet we give to them when they enter the cub program .(Click here to see that book) we find the parents really like that, then they can get some of the stuff for the boys for there birthday presents, the girls learn about Activity Days.
~We also have had a child that was Baptized the year before give a 30 sec or so talk on how they felt when they got Baptized.
~We also take pictures of each child and have used one of the bulletins boards in the hallway and place all their pictures on there, with their name and the date they will Baptized. We put a heading which says something like It’s great to be Eight! (different for each year, we try to base it around the years theme) I am not in Primary anymore, but they still are doing it and the kids love it!
~ We also have handouts to give out, one set for the Parents and one for the child.
~ Plus we tell and show the kids about the Baptism booklet they will be getting on there birthday