Baptism Object Lesson

We’ve done a baptism object lesson that was more reliable than food color. You need three jars. Fill one with water, cover the opening of the other two with cheesecloth. Label the other two ‘baptism’ and ‘sacrament’. Talk about how we are born pure (show jar of water) but sometimes make bad choices and sin (drop a few pebbles or beans the like into the water. Show how baptism makes us pure again by pouring the water through the cheesecloth into the baptism jar. Remove the cloth and the ‘sins’. Again, talk about how we sometimes still make bad choices, and drop in a few more pebbles. Pour it into the ‘sacrament’ jar to demonstrate that renewing our covenants by taking the sacrament makes us pure yet again. Practice at home first to get the hang of it! Make sure you use CLEAN pebbles or beans! ;o)