Birthday ideas! (List of more ideas)

I got these off an Email list, but I am not sure who to give credit to. If you made up this list or know who did please let me know! Thanks

Our PP suggested getting bookmarks with a picture and/or scripture about baptism which will go along with the 2000 theme.

We have a very small primary so the cost of this idea wasn’t too much for our budget.  We gave each child a framed picture of Jesus with the children.  The theme this year was faith in Jesus Christ so we thought it was a good year to give it.  At the end of each month we would have a member of the bishopric come a give a little talk about the theme for the month and then call the birthday children up and present the framed picture.

Also, I found a cute idea from someone on this website not to long ago.  This year we are going to spotlight the birthday children each month…our “stars”.  We will get information from their parents in advance and at the first of each month take a few minutes during opening exercises to spotlight the children.  For the gifts, we are going to buy different things (pencils, stickers, book marks, etc.), wrap them up and let the children choose out of the birthday gift box.  Hope it helps.  Kim

We were looking for a change from the old standbys for handouts.  I think we may have found something that all the children will enjoy.  We are going to make bracelets that say WWJD?  with beads added all along the sides.  I went scouting for beads to get an idea of what the cost would be and I found that there are two craft stores that actually sell kits to make the WWJD? bracelets.  They make 18 bracelets and cost 4.99!  That’s within our budget…we were just going to add more beads to them.  Sounded good to us and we think it goes along with the theme.  (Mari)

I am the Primary Pres and on the Birthdays, we do something for the teachers and the children. This year we gave them each a CD with Christ’s picture on one side and the song “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” on the other. Put a string on to hang it up.  On the shiny side is where we put the small picture of Christ so when the children/teachers look at Christ they see themselves in the shiny part.  —Jamy C.

In our ward we sing to the kids who are having a birthday and give them a bag of Skittles with a note and a little poem (except fast Sunday).  This year we sing “I like my Birthdays” a lot so the kids don’t realize we are practicing for the program.  The kids seem to like the treats and it is easy, which is the key word!!!   —Tina

In our ward we do a spotlight on the birthday child/teacher and the children try to guess whose birthday it is…then they come to the front and we sing one of the fun birthday songs and they also receive a bookmark (this year) that pertains to the baptism theme…some years we have given out the article of faith cards, pencils with the theme for primary on it…scripture pencils…. julie c

We have a little goodie bag. Inside we have the pamphlet of the talk that Pres. Benson gave several years ago “to the children of the church” and we put in a primary pencil,an article of Faith card,a balloon, an eraser, those kinds of little things. You can get those kinds of little trinket things cheap at a party store ot Oriental Trader. We’re still really new so I just barely found out my teacher’s birthdays but I am planning on doing something for them too.   —Deborah

On the first Sunday of the month, we visit all the children who are having a birthday that month. We take a helium balloon with a candy bar attached to it – and sing Happy Birthday to them. Then Primary, we sing and give them a homemade Book of Mormon bookmark we have laminated.

For the teachers, we ran off a copy of President Hinckley’s 10 Virtues, and framed it. We sing to the teachers in Primary, and give them their gift.  Hope this helps!   —Gina

We just sing to the children on the Sunday after their birthday and give them a small package of candy to enjoy once they get home.  We give the adults a big chocolate candy bar, all wrapped up so they can open a fun gift.  It isn’t much but we like to spend our primary money on activities instead of these things.     —Deanna

We give the children a bookmark with the text: This year I learned about keeping my baptism covenant, we give them a lollipop with a card.  For the teachers we give them a card with a coupon to use for a substitute for a lesson.  They can use it when they need a Sunday off.  Sorry, hope you understand my english.   —Anneke

We no longer give out candy for birthdays, how do you justify giving candy to everyone except those that have a birthday that falls on fast Sunday?  We give a birthday card and a scripture marking pencil, then we have a birthday party once a month for all the children with birthdays in that month.  we invite the bishop who is a kid at heart!  We serve cake and ice cream and they get to play with the Bishop.  During the winter months we meet at the church for an hour and let the kids play in the gym with the Bishop and his counselors.  During the warmer months we will meet at a park.  This has worked really well, the kids and the bishop enjoy the time with each other.   —Debbie

Sisters, I hate to throw water on your discussion of how to celebrate the kids birthdays, but I need to mention that food should not be given to the Primary children on Sundays at all.  The handbook states on page 239:  “The only times food should be provided during Sunday Primary is when it is included as a part of a lesson or as a snack for the children in the nursery class.”

So, as primary presidency members, we should not be handing food or candy out to the kids. We need to set the example for the teachers.  We tell our teachers we have been called to feed their spirits, not their tummies.

This isn’t something new.  I learned this when I served in Primary about 10 years ago too.  Hope this helps, Lynne

You’re right about the candy idea! Plus we just don’t know who’s toes we’re stepping on-some parents don’t want their children having more sugar even if it is for a birthday.  Plus allergies etc…

At any rate, we’ve always tried to give a little something that relates to that year’s theme.  I’ve mentioned this one before but I know there are many who come any go on this e-mail list.  This year with the Baptism theme, we made black necklaces with the WWJD? initials on it made of pewter.   Meaning “What Would Jesus Do?”  They cost us 50 cents each to have made.  Craft stores had a cheaper version with the little baby white block letters imprinted on them.  Just an idea….our kids love it!   —Mari

We bring the teachers and the children up and they get to pick a pencil out of a box that is wrapped like a present.  Then we sing to them.  We also have a picture of a big cake that is laminated and they get to put a candle w/their name on the cake.  At the end of the year we celebrate everyone’s b-day with cake.   —Tonya

We have always tried to do something tied in with the yearly Primary theme.  This year we made very nice, hard-laminated book marks with the child’s name, a picture of Christ being baptized, and the year’s scripture.  We give it to the child after we sing to them in Primary.

Also, we do give something to our teachers.  Our secretary is in charge of this and does little bags of treats that is stapled to a cute card of appreciation.  We deliver it to the teacher’s home and it helps us to have personal contact with them.   —Kristin

This year we came up with 2 ideas–one for senior primary and one for junior.

For junior primary we tied three crayons together (red, yellow, blue) and attached a little card that has the song “Primary Colors” with raffia to the crayons.

For senior primary we bought the Mormon ad postcards (.50 cents for 8) and let the kids choose whichever one they like.  they really enjoy finding the one that means something special to them.   —Mary

We give out laminated mini Mormon ads.  We have done this last year and this one.  The kids love them.  We buy a sheet of 8 for .50 from the distribution center.  (There are 3 different sets.)  We get them laminated so they will last longer.

We give a certificate for a free ice cream cone at a local market for birthdays…     It is really cheap and the manager of the store is very cooperative.   —Linda