What is the meaning of the arrow of light ceremony in scouting?


What is the meaning of the arrow of light ceremony in scouting?

The highest award of Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light badge. It is a small (approx 2″ wide x 3/8″ high) cloth badge with a tan background, blue border, and a gold arrow pointing to the right (as viewed from the front) under a partial gold sun orb with 7 rays that is worn on both the Cub Scout and the Boy Scout uniform.


The individual elements of the badge represents:

– The sun shedding its light on all that we do. A reminder that Cub Scouts should be a light for those around them.

– The seven rays of the sun representing the seven days of the week. A reminder that Cub Scouts should do their best every day.

– The arrow which is symbolic of everything which is straight and true. Just as Cub Scouts should be straight and true in their lives. It also points forward to the trail of Boy Scouting ranks and higher challenges.


The arrow of light is much more difficult to obtain than a belt loop, an activity badge or even one of the other rank patch. To obtain this award these scouts have met a number of requirements, including completion of eight activity badges, participation in camps, hikes and boy scout activities, the memorization of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law, and the commitment to live by these principles.


The ceremony is in essence a ‘coming of age’ ceremony symbolizing that Cub Scouts are now ready to become Boy Scouts.