Bike Rodeo
Bike Rodeo

Bike Rodeo

Bike Rodeo

The Cub Scout Bike Rodeo is an exciting chance for Cub Scouts to learn about bicycling safety and the thrill of bike riding, by navigating their way through a series of “challenges.” They will also learn about bike safety, maintenance and repair, and expressing themselves through the “Chalk Talk.”


These are my thought from an email about Bike Rodeo’s!

Well is has been a while since I have thought about some cub stuff like these things, lets see, we did have a bike rodeo about 5 years ago, when I was still in cubs, lets see, it was pretty plain, we just used side walk chalk and orange cones, and made a course for the boys to go through in the parking lot, we talked to them about bike safety and taking care of their bikes, we had a fireman in the ward and he came and talked about safety!

Of course all the boys brought there bikes, and we had a few extra one’s in case someone forgot their bike or did not have one.

You could make up a “bike drivers license” (SEE BELOW) with safety rules on them, their name, the date, and then laminate them and give them to the boys.

The course can be a place where they practice safety, like stop signs, turns, riding in the bike lanes etc. I could make up a bike license, that might be cool to have!

The police or fire department I bet would have some stickers for their bikes, and maybe you could see about getting everyone’s bikes licensed through the city! I wonder what the cost for that is??? At least you could pass out the form to them to get a license.



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