Cub Scout Pack Schedule for Smaller Packs
Cub Scout Pack Schedule for Smaller Packs

Cub Scout Pack Schedule for Smaller Packs


This was sent to me in 2010, so things, may have changed


I just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated the Cub Scout Pack Schedule that I sent you a few months ago to involve the new page numbers for the new book, “Cub Scout Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide.”  After studying the book, we’ve found that it complicates things for our LDS packs who do things so differently from the “traditional” pack.

There are two main concerns I’ve found with the new Resource book.  The new book does not assist those of us who have one set of leaders covering two or more ranks.  The new book has each rank doing a different topic from each other every month.  The biggest concern I’ve had with the new book is how they’ve designed the Webelos program.  It has divided Webelos Badge requirements into one year and Arrow of Light requirements into another.  For our LDS packs, who only have Webelos for one year, this new book creates a little bit of a problem.

The schedule I’ve included has each rank doing similar requirements each month, the Webelos/Arrow of Light requirements all in one year, the FIG information for each achievement and page numbers in the new book for the leaders to use, to use for ideas, and even a section for the leaders to keep track of birthdays during the year.

Thanks for all your help.  I hope this will help save others from the same headaches.


Ilda Spurgeon
2nd Counselor
Stake Primary

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