A Lesson For The Big Bugs

A Lesson For The Big Bugs BEES: Buzz-buzz! ANT: Hup-two-three-four FROG: Ribbit-ribbit! MOSQUITOES: Clap twice WOODS: All SOUNDS together LITTERBUGS: Pick it up! Clean it up! This is a story about Billy and his family and their adventure in the WOODS. One fine spring day, Billy’s family decided it was a good day for a picnic in the WOODS where they could enjoy the beauty of nature. They packed a delicious picnic lunch and set out for a happy day. Soon they arrived at their destination. It was a delightful and beautiful spot to spread their picnic. Billy and his brother ran off to catch a FROG. The boys were to slow to catch a FROG. They watched the FROG as it jumped into a pond. They saw BEES busy gathering sweet nectar from the bountiful flowers. They watched busy ANTS scurrying around doing what ANTS do. Even as they were swatting at MOSQUITOES, Billy and his brother felt right at home with their nature friends. Soon they tired and went back to the picnic area. They told their family about the WOODS, the BEES, the ANTS, the FROG, and even the MOSQUITOES. Billy’s dad listened intently as he opened a sandwich and carelessly tossed the wrapper on the ground. Their sister threw her soda can under a nearby bush, and then ran off to chase a FROG that had appeared nearby. Mom threw her napkin on the ground and jumped up in disgust. “That does it!” she said, “The ANTS have taken over our lunch and picnic area!” Dad had stretched out for a nap and had just about dozed off when he heard his daughter scream. She had just been stung by some BEES. Mom put some medicine on the sting and calmed the daughter, so dad tried to go to sleep again. Sleep was not to come as the pesky MOSQUITOES would not leave him alone. Finally, Dad could not stand it anymore and announced that they were going to go home. Billy looked around and said “It seems to me that the WOODS, the MOSQUITOES, the ANTS, and the BEES are trying to tell us something.” “And what might that be?” asked Dad. “Well,” said Billy, “Just look around here and you will see that we haven’t been very nice visitors in the WOODS. Look at all the trash we’ve thrown around. It seems that we are the worst ‘bugs’ of all – LITTERBUGS.” The family looked around and saw what they had done. They cleaned up the trash and afterwards they all felt better; nature was beautiful once again. The family look a nice walk through the WOODS, listening to all the sounds. They actually enjoyed the bussing of the BEES, the croaking of the FROGS, and even watching an army of ANTS at work. When they returned home they were tired, but happy that they had learned an important lesson that day. THE WORST KIND OF ‘BUGS’ ARE LITTERBUGS!