The Viking Voyage

VIKINGS:  “Brave and Daring, Brave and Daring”

THOR:  “Straighten them horns, Straighten them horns”

GREENLAND:  “Land Ho, Land Ho”

GREAT SHIP:  “Watch Out, Watch Out”

SAILING or SAILS:  “Oh, my aching back”

Long, long ago, before any of you were born, on a distant land called Norway, there lived a brave and daring group of people known as the VIKINGS.  These VIKINGS were noted for their ability as seamen, and SAILING their GREAT SHIPS.

One day, the VIKINGS led by THOR decided to set out on a perilous journey to find a new home on GREENLAND.  The VIKINGS loaded their GREAT SHIP with supplies and started SAILING toward GREENLAND.  For many days and nights, the GREAT SHIPS rolled and pitched through the stormy waters.  The great VIKING SAILED dangerously close to the reefs.  Each time THOR daringly steered his GREAT SHIP and led his little band of VIKINGS past the danger.  Working the SAILS fast and furiously, they managed to keep the GREAT SHIP safe.

Finally, after weeks of SAILING through the stormy seas and past all those treacherous reefs, the daring VIKINGS, led by THOR, in their GREAT SHIP, sighted GREENLAND.  With great skill, the VIKINGS continued SAILING until they happened on to the shores of GREENLAND.

– Southeastern Massachusetts Cluster Council Pow Wow 1997