The Wonder Machine

Characters: Dr Know (dressed in scientist’s garb) Thin boy, Fat boy (padded with pillows) Woman, Dog

Setting: Dr. Know is in a laboratory with a large cardboard box (such as a refrigerator carton) which has been painted to resemble a machine with knobs, dials, etc.   Back side of the box is open.

Dr. Know: Ladies and gentlemen!  You see before you the wonder machine!   Six hundred scientist from all over the world have pooled their talents, their intellect, and their energies to create this space aged super fantastic machine!  In simple every day language, this machine has the capacity to solve all of our problems.   Now for the wonderful opportunity….is there anyone who has a problem?   (Looks offstage)  Just step this way.

Fat Boy: (Coming onstage) I have a problems.  I hate to be so fat.   All the kids laugh at me and call me “Fatso”.

Dr. Know: Just step into the machine.  (Fat Boy steps behind machine where he removes pillow stuffing and leaves it in box.  During this time, Dr. Know is operating dials and buttons on the machine.

Fat Boy:  (Stepping out of machine)  Oh thank you Doctor!   (Exits)

Dr. Know:  Anyone else?

Thin Boy:  (Coming onstage)  I just hate being so thin.   Everybody calls me “Skinny”.

Dr. Know:  No need to be so thin.  Just step into the machine (Thin Boy steps inside box where he stuffs clothes with pillows while Dr. Know is preparing machine).

Thin Boy:  (Stepping out of machine)  Oh thank you, Dr. Know!

Dr. Know:  Fat enough, sonny?

Thin Boy:  Just right!  (Exits)

Dr. Know:  This is simply wonderful, isn’t it?  Anyone else have a problem?

Woman:  (Entering with dog on leash)  Oh doctor, Rover is such a big dog.  I would like to have little ones instead.

Dr. Know:  Just step inside the machine with your dog.  (Woman goes behind box with dog.  Doctor operates buttons and levers.  Dog remains in box).

Woman:  (Coming out of machine, pulling a long string of cardboard hot dogs)  Doctor, look what happened!

Dr. Know:  Hot Dog!  Lots of little hot dogs!  Anybody want a hot dog?