Den Game Chest

Den Game Chest

Den game chests come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.  A game chest may cost nothing but time and determination or you may have several dollars invested.  A game chest is sometimes called the Den Leader’s helper.

It may be a cardboard box, on old footlocker, a cast-off toy chest or any other container which you have handy and can be spared for game or craft supplies.  Once you have selected your game chest, involved the boys in preparation.  A little paint, a few decals, lots of imagination and perhaps even the boys’ own signatures will personalize its exterior.  The world will know where Den 3 keeps its game supplies.

It’s what’s inside that counts.  A leader can fill a game chest with materials from around the house, or the boys can be asked to bring some items from home.

Suggested Supplies:

Clothes pins
Clothes line
Ping pong balls
Playing cards
Pencil and paper
Small paper sacks
Old work gloves
Simple puzzles
Plastic spoons
Masking tape
Large handkerchief
Rubber rings
Pie pans
Tin cans
Bottle Caps
Paper cups

These items may be used in several different ways.  Clothes pins, washers, and playing cards can be tossed into pie pans and cans; feathers can be blown across the room in relays; ping pong balls can be rolled, tossed or blown with a straw into containers; old work gloves are helping in playing Fumble Fingers; handkerchiefs make good team flags or blindfolds; rubber rings may be tossed over bottle necks…the list goes on and on.

Your game chest will be your silent helper when planned activities are over to quickly.  It can help the dinner when it is his turn to help at den meetings.

It’s also a good place to store den supplies, unfinished craft projects and den records.  If you haven’t made a den game chest, try it now.  You will find that it is really a treasure chest.

The List

The Game Chest is a valuable asset to any den’s activities.  Add to the chest as games are found.  Make a set of cards describing each game and what you need to play.  HAVE FUN!


  • blow up and first to burst wins
  • tie with string and throw as hammer
  • kick balloons to goal and return
  • balloon volleyball over net
  • bat balloon with hands over the goal
  • put toilet paper rolls over fingers and bat balloon over goal
  • sit in circle with “it” in center, call number and drop balloon, that number in circle tries to catch it before balloon touches the ground
  • tie to ankle and try to pop others while protecting yours
  • fill with water and tie to ankle trying to walk to goal without popping
  • balloon badminton using rackets made with ruler between 2 paper plates


  • throw into jars from line
  • carry to jar with toothpicks
  • drop from nose into pop bottle
  • carry in spoon to jar
  • scoop onto back of hand and put in jar
  • toss onto chalk target
  • toss into egg carton
  • flip with spoon into pie pan or through paper target
  • suck up with straw and carry into jar


  • paper bags over head
  • scarf over eyes
  • cloth strips over eyes
  • pillowcase over head

Butcher Paper Target

  • hang in doorway or hallway and toss cotton balls
  • blow matches through straws at target
  • flip rubber bands at target
  • toss paper tube through

Cardboard Tubes

  • bowling pins for ping pong balls
  • lying down to shoot marbles through
  • set up as targets for squirt or dart guns
  • cut in half and use as chutes for marbles


  • draw circles for marble tournament
  • draw targets for toss games using washer and beans
  • draw bull’s-eye and roll pop bottles into center from 6′ away
  • make lots of marks in two areas and race to see who can wash them away faster.


  • drop from mouth into jar
  • clip 1 on each ear lobe, race to goal and back, have next boy remove pins and do the same
  • wind string around and next boy unwinds
  • use as pins for bowling
  • clip onto box rim and toss rings on them


  • points for highest number thrown, double points if spots match
  • play cootie on paper using dice to see which body part to draw
  • use to see who get first turn

Deck of Cards

  • toss into jar target
  • magic tricks
  • suck up with straw and carry to goal
  • use to see who gets first turn

Egg Carton Flats

  • number slots for points and toss items (washers, little rocks)
  • shoot with rubber bands
  • paint slots different colors and try to throw colored balls into the same color


  • carry on paper plates to goal and return
  • blow feathers to goal
  • drop one and have a partner try to catch
  • toss through holes in paper targets


  • wearing gloves, unscrew jar lid, dump out contents, such as toothpicks, pick up and put in jar, screw on lid and pass on
  • pick up flat items and put in jar
  • button up oversized shirt being worn

Jars with Lids-

  • toss items into jar
  • lying down, roll marbles in
  • drop items into jar


  • carry between toes to goal
  • hit with straw to goal line
  • marble on paper plate, balance on head, walk to goal
  • balance pie pan on head while doing deep knee bends to pick up marbles to put in pie pan
  • toss or shoot at targets


  • use for stepping stones or ground markers in games
  • use as a bat

Paper and Pencils

  • walk to goals using 2 sheets of paper to step on
  • draw part of a figure, fold over and pass to next boy who tries to draw next part
  • draw 5 dots on paper and pass to next boy who tries to draw a person with 1 dot for head, 2 for hands, and 2 for feet

Paper Cups-

  • use for water relays carrying a spoonful at a time
  • stack to build a tower
  • use for magic tricks
  • use for targets

Paper Plates-

  • staple together and toss like Frisbee
  • use as markers or targets

Pie Pans-

  • roll to goal
  • use as target
  • balance on pencil while walking

Ping Pong Balls

  • try to blow off table with or without straw
  • carry on spoon to goal
  • drop into jar
  • toss at target

Plastic Spoons-

  • carry items and/or water
  • use to flip items to targets
  • drop into jar

Pop Bottles-

  • balance ball on top and try to knock off using another ball
  • put water in and use as bowling targets
  • fill with water, cover with thumb, turn over and pass from boy to boy trying not to spill water
  • drop toothpicks in
  • hold tennis balls between foreheads and place on top of bottle
  • toss rings over neck of bottle
  • use as hand weights when exercising
  • twist sponge filled with water into jar


  • make from rope for tossing
  • cut from plastic lids or pop rings
  • Rubber Bands
  • shoot at targets
  • make rubber band balls to toss
  • wind around 2 clothespins to make wrestling buddies

Squirt Gun/Dart Gun

  • use squirt gun to fill jar at goal
  • shoot at targets


  • blow items to goal
  • make structures
  • suck flat items to carry to goal
  • use to pass items between boys


  • make circle for marble tournament
  • make large circle on ground, boys join hands around outside and try to pull each other into circle

Let your imagination soar as you think of things to add!  You’ll be amazed at what the boys can do with these items!