Come, Follow Me (Primary Music)
Come, Follow Me (Primary Music)

Come, Follow Me (Primary Music)

To help the children learn “Come, Follow Me” (Hymns, no. 116), consider the following:
• Encourage the children to follow you as you touch your nose, shake your hands, and fold your arms. Tell them that we can follow Jesus
by doing the things He did. Have them tap the rhythm of the song with two fingers of one hand against the palm of the other hand as the music plays.

• Prepare footprints with the words of the song written on them. Invite the children to place the footsteps on the board one at a time as you sing and they echo each phrase. Arrange the footsteps so that they lead to a picture of the Savior. 


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Music leaders can engage children in learning the doctrine of the song as the children make a connection between the words, the music, and visuals. In following weeks, the children could remove footsteps until they have learned the song.