Family Reunion

Family Reunion from Lori Walker

I have a fun idea that my Senior Primary singers love. I call it Family Reunion. I have pictures (clip art type) of various family members (Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin) mounted on popsicle sticks. The children pick one of the family members and then a song printed on a slip of paper. The family members represent different types of singing. For example: Grandma Bessie is a high and wavery voice. Grandpa Joe is basso profundo or very deep voice. Cousin Gertrude is an opera singer. Uncle Billy Bob is country western (don’t forget the twang). Aunt Olive is nasal (hold your nose for this one) and Little Bitty is sung like a small child. Encourage the children to really get into the different styles, such as an operatic pose for Cousin Gertrude. I have gotten strange looks from the teachers and passers-by, but the kids love this one.

Lori Walker (thanks for sharing)