Kayla’s Nursery Lessons from the old manual
Kayla’s Nursery Lessons from the old manual

Kayla’s Nursery Lessons from the old manual

Kayla’s Nursery Lessons from the old manual

Lesson/Music/Activity Ideas compiled by Kayla Kayla’s has put together some great helps for everyone!!  All of her stuff is from  church approved stuff. Thanks you so much to Kayla for letting me share her ideas with you!



Here is a list of games/activities for structured play or time fillers.  I haven’t tried them all yet, but thought I would share what I have found.  My senior nursery class doesn’t’ t get out the toys for a free-for-all, so we keep busy doing fun activities, parachute, finger plays, walks, and crafts. 5 Minute Games for Nursery




Here are some Nursery Thanksgiving Ideas I’ve put together.


Blessing Tree activity & visuals from Nov. 2004 Friend
Showing Thanks from Nov. 1991 Friend
Thank You Game story & visuals from May 1994 Friend
What Makes You Smile  booklet or spin-a-kid activity from Aug 2005 Friend
Zack’s Thanksgiving Tradition story & visuals from Nov 1991 Friend
Pop Goes the Turkey craft/treat from the Nov 1991 Friend
Thanksgiving By The Handful craft from the Nov 1986 FriendTurkey Coloring Craft — make extra copies of the feather so each child can have 5 or 6 on their turkey.

Here are a few more Thanksgiving Ideas.

Since there are not enough lessons in the book for every week of the year.  I am having my teachers do a Thanksgiving Lesson.  It will focus on gratitude and blessings and teach the scripture story of the 10 lepers.  The notes for this lesson can be found in the Thanksgiving Lesson Idea.doc

I’m also attaching pictures for:

“Blessings” game from the Nov. 1990 Friend and

“Turkey Blessings” coloring activity from the Nov. 2004 Friend

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Lesson 1- Know Who You Are

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Lesson 2 – We Grow to Be Like Our Parents

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Lesson 3 – Heavenly Father’s Plan / The Plan of Happiness

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Lesson 4 –  Seek Guidance through Prayer


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Lesson 5 – I Just Remember Jesus


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Lesson 6 – Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me

Contains stories/visuals from Friend Magazine – He First Loved Us, I Love Heavenly Father, The Saviors Love, Heavenly Father Loves Me.

Game: Don’t Eat Sammy Sheep.

Music visuals for I Feel My Saviors Love

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Lesson 7 – The Holy Ghost Helps Me
Contains stories/visuals from Friend Magazine – DJ Testimony (rebus), Holy Ghost Speaks Softly, and Look Up.
Coloring Page: The Holy Ghost Testifies To Me

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Lesson 8 – I Am Thankful For The Day and Night
Contains stories/visuals from Friend Magazine – Listening Walk (rebus), Ready For Bed, and
My Creation Book.

Ready for Bed Story with visuals
Listening Walk Rebus story
My Creation Book — activity

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Lesson 9 I am Thankful for Water
Puddles April 1990 Friend story with visuals
Puddles poem from May 2001 Friend with visuals

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Lesson 10 I am Thankful for Trees, Plants and Flowers
Our Beautiful World – Sharing Time with visuals
I Live in a Beautiful World — picture story with coloring page
More for Lesson 10
Here is what Lesson 10_B.zip contains
It will be Spring Mar 2000 story/poem with visuals
Let’s Plant a Garden Apr 2000 Finger play with visuals
The Crocuses are Out Mar 1989 story/poem with visual

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Lesson 11 I am Thankful for Fish
Miracle of the Fishes story with visuals
Little Green Fish — fingerplay
Fish Coloring Page

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12 – I am Thankful for Animals
Animal Jingles – with visuals
Beguiling Alligator – poem and craft idea
Little Gorilla – story with visuals
Our Hike – story with visuals

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Lesson 13 I am Thankful for Birds and Insects
Birds, Birds Everywhere — poem and activity with visuals
Butterfly — craft
Faith of a Sparrow — story with visuals

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Lesson 14 – Adam and Eve were Created in Heavenly Fathers Image
“Growing” – Poem with visual from Mar 2001 Friend
“We Grow to Be Like Our Parents” – Story with puzzle visuals from April 1984 Friend
“When I Lived with my Heavenly Father” – book/activity from Feb. 1989 Friend

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Lesson 15 – The Sabbath is a Day of Worship
“A Day For Jesus” — story with visuals from July 2001 Friend
“Rescued on Sunday” — story with visuals from Nov 2002 Friend
“The Lord’s Day”  — Finger Activity from Nov 2004 Friend
.pdf file contains
“Sunday is a Special Day” — turning wheel activity/visual from Jan 1985 Friend
The Sabbath Day Pictures from Jan 1992 Friend
Is Tomorrow Sunday Story/Visuals from Sept 1993 Friend
Sunday is a Special Day Activity Wheel Black and White Version from Jan 1985 Friend

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Lesson 16 – I Have a Body
Growing Up with the Temple — flipbook from Jan 2002 Friend
LeAnn’s Spirit – story with visuals from Feb. 2005 Friend
Word Document with ideas for Lesson 16 that are NOT from the Friend

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Lesson 17 – I am Thankful for My Hands
Idle Hands – story with visuals from June 1992 Friend
My Daddy’s Hands – story with visuals from June 2000 Friend
Reverent Hands – Visuals from July 1999 Friend — could print each picture on a full page and do the spin-a-kid activity.
Place pictures on the floor around a spinning chair.  Have a child sit on the chair with legs outstretched.
Spin the chair and discuss the picture that the child’s legs point to.

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Lesson 18 – I am Thankful for my Ears
When I am Quiet – story with visuals from Friend Nov. 1992.
Do Your Ears Hang Low — song lyrics

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Lesson 19 – I am Thankful for my Eyes
Do You See What I See — story from the July 1991 Friend.
The Visuals are free clipart from the internet.
If You’re Warm You’re Getting Closer — story from the Dec 1992 Friend
According to Luke — Activity with pictures from the Dec 1992 Friend
Use the picture of the baby Jesus to play the game mentioned in the If You’re Warm You’re Getting Closer Story.

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Lesson 20-I am Thankful that I can Smell and Taste
Your Nose Knows — story with visuals from the January 1998 Friend.
Snickerdoodles — story with visuals from the June 1993 Friend.
Sniff Sniff  – story from July 1978 Friend.  Visuals from free internet clipart.
Exploring Cinnamon Scents — Activity from November 1995 Friend.

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Lesson 21 – I Have Feelings
I Have Feelings — story with visuals from the Feb. 1995 Friend
Feeling Glad — Poem from the March 1990 Friend
Feelings — Activity with visuals from the March 1990 Friend

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Lesson 22 – I Can Do Many Things
Mike to the Rescue — story with visuals from the Mar 1988 Friend
Shoelaces and Food — story with visuals from the June 1992 Friend
On the Go — activity with visuals June 2004 Friend

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Lesson 23 – I Belong to a Family
Family Duties — activity wheel from the May 2004 Friend
Look Mommy — story with visuals from the Jan 1992 Friend
A Real Family for Patty Lou — story with visuals from Nov 2002 Friend
Sleepover at Grandma’s House — story with visuals from the March 2004 Friend
We’ll Find Room — story with visuals from the March 2002 Friend

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Lesson 24 – I Love My Brothers and Sisters
Baby Moses — story from the Aug 1998 Friend
Baby Moses Action Rhyme from the Jan. 1997 Friend
My Big Brother — story with visuals from the Sept. 1991 Friend
My Sister Speaks Russian — story with visuals from the July 2004 Friend
Pharohs Daughter — hidden picture from the June 2004 Friend

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Lesson 25 – I Love My Whole Family
Family Love — activity/craft from the April 1983 Friend
Love At Home — activity/puzzle from the Sept. 2004 Friend

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Lesson 26 – Families Can Be Together Forever
Place of Love and Beauty story from Jan 2002 Friend
My Family Can Be Together story from April 2005 Friend
Special Place story from May 2002 Friend
Thankful for Temple Blessings story/activity from Nov. 2002 Friend
The Lords Temple fingerplay from Aug 2002 Friend

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Lesson 27 – We Can Pray As a Family
An Answered Prayer story from June 2004 Friend
Katies Prayer story from Nov. 2001 Friend
Looking for Brittany story from Oct. 2004 Friend
Praying to Heavenly Father picture puzzles/activity from Aug 2004 Friend

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Lesson 28 – I Can Be Obedient
Foxtails — story/visuals from June 2004 Friend
Keep The Commandments — sharing time with visuals from April 1994 Friend
Sermon on the Mount — booklet activity/visuals from April 2004 Friend

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Lesson 29 – I Can Say I’m Sorry
I Forgot — story/visuals from April 1986 Friend
Petey Did It — story/visuals from March 1991 Friend
Rainy Day — story/visuals from April 1993 Friend
Rebecca Repents — story/visuals from Oct. 1977 Friend
Travis Repents — story/visuals from March 1987 Friend

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Lesson 30 – I Can Forgive Others
Peanut Butter Boy Story & visual I Forgive You — story/visuals from Sept. 1994 Friend
Pebbles of Forgiveness — story from Feb. 2003 Friend
Poison — story/visuals from Aug. 2004 Friend

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Lesson 31-I Am Thankful for My Home
This is what I did for the children in my nursery for lesson 31.  I made a copy of the home and
neighborhood game and placed it in a page protector and hung it on the blackboard .
I also used a big die for fun.  I let the kids take turns shaking the die, but; I just moved a
magnet piece to the next picture.  We discussed if the picture showed being a good
neighbor or a bad neighbor.  I had the kids do a thumbs up for good, and a thumbs down for bad.
They loved it, and we had a good discussion.

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Lesson 32 – I am thankful for food and clothing
Flannel board story — goes with lesson #32 or could use to teach Word of Wisdom
Lesson 32 b contains:
Lets Plant a Garden Fingerplay from April 2000 Friend
Prayer For Food Story/visuals from Nov. 1987 Friend

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Lesson 33 – I Can Be a Friend
Danny’s Pillow — story/visuals from Feb. 1991 Friend
Debbie My Friend — story/visuals from Feb. 2003 Friend
Matt’s Orange Blob — story/visuals from Oct. 1994 Friend
Mission Impossible –story/visuals from Mar. 2002 Friend
My Best Friend — story/visuals from Sept. 1994 Friend
Nikko the Brave — story/visuals from Oct. 1999 Friend
What’s in Katy’s Pocket — story/visuals from Mar. 1995 Friend


Lesson 34 – I Can Love Others
Spin-a-Kid Activity and Golden Rule Pictures

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Lesson 35 – I Can Be Kind to Animals
Picture Story & Animal Game
zip file contains
“Our Hike” story/visuals from May 1991 Friend
“Animals Come In All Shapes and Sizes” Game from Primary 2 Manual Lesson 44.

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Lesson 36-I Can Be a Good Example
Do We Live At Your House Story ( unknown – visuals from Friend Magazine)  My Home and Neighborhood Game (Friend, September 1992)
This is a pdf file that contains.
“Hugs Are For Teaching” story/visuals from Feb 1991 Friend

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Lesson 37 – I Can Be Honest
Lie Monster FHE story/activity and Dollar bill for Billy Story with visuals

“You Choose” story/visuals from Nov 1999 Friend
“The Reason to Do Right” story/visuals from Oct 1999 Friend
“Be Honest” Sharing Time/visuals/train activity from Jan 1987 Friend
Plus 2 pdf files containing
“Jacob Hamblin Trustworthy Pioneer” Flannel board story with visuals from July 87 Friend.
Goes with Lesson 37 enrichment activity #1 on p. 123
“Who Made this Mess” story/visuals from Feb 2001 Friend

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Lesson 38-I Can Be Reverent
What If a mouse… Story from Sept 96 Friend
( I like to put a toy mouse in my pocket to pull out when I tell this story)
Children Are Like Animals (story/visuals) I got from a FHE group
Here’s more I finished for Lesson 38 – I Can Be Reverent
pdf files

“Michael” story and visuals from July 1974 Friend
“My Hands Can Be Reverent” visuals from June 1991 Friend
You could use these pictures with the spin-a-kid activity idea

I Have Feeling (story/visuals) from Feb 95 Friend Christopher Chris Hopper (story/activity) from Mar 2000 Friend — Let the kids hop around like grasshoppers.
King of Me & Reverence Crowns (story/craft) from Sept 96 Friend — Tell poem and let the kids make crowns.  I usually go to Burger King and get their crowns for free for this activity.  I just turn the crowns inside out, write “King or Queen of Me” and let the kids decorate them.

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Lesson 39 – Music Makes Me Happy
Story & Matching Game scanned from July 1994 Friend Magazine
Picture instructions for making Button Castanets
Pdf file of Sweet Songs Rebus story with visuals from Sept 2001 Friend.
“Music and Love” story/visuals from July 1994 Friend
“Music Match” matching game/visuals from July 1994 Friend

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Lesson 40 – The Sacrament Helps …
Sacrament Etiquette story & visuals scanned from Oct. 1990 Friend Magazine
“Sacrament Etiquette” visuals could use for spin-a-kid from Oct. 1990 Friend
“More Sacrament Activities” text file with links for more from various issues of the Friend

Remembering Jesus Christ flannel board story & figures from June 1999 Friend
Be Grateful for the Sacrament ST with coloring page from Nov. 1987 Friend

plus 3 pdf files
Lizzie Remembers Jesus story & visuals from April 1995 Friend
Sacrament Poem with visuals from Feb. 1995 Friend
Sacrament Book to make from April 1992 Friend.

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Lesson 41 – … Scriptures
Ideas from Friend Magazine
“Josiah Believer In The Scriptures” Flannel board story from Feb. 1998 Friend
“Book of Mormon Coloring Page” from August 1988 Friend
“Scripture Peek-a-boo” booklet from Jan 1998 Friend
“Scripture Lesson Links” document

Pdf files contain
Cousins Camp story & visuals from Aug 2004 Friend
Harry’s Book of Mormon Rebus story & visuals from Jan 1991 Friend
I’ll Be Ready story & visuals from Nov 2000 Friend
Misc Coloring Pages from different Friend issues for this lesson
Peek-a-boo Scripture Book from Jan 1998 Friend
Randy’s Turn story & visuals from Nov 2004 Friend
Scripture Love story & visuals from March 1991 Friend
Scripture Study Sam craft/activity from March 1996 Friend

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Lesson 42-I Belong To The Church of Jesus Christ
Story and Pin the Tie on the Missionary Game
“Friendshipping With Love” story/visuals from Feb 1986 Friend

You can obtain printouts for the “Pin The Tag on the Missionary” game from

“Here Is Our Church” booklet/craft from April 1983 Friend
“Jesus’ Baptism” finger play/actions from August 1991 Friend
“Missionary Mobile” craft from Nov. 2003 Friend
“My Baptism Booklet” craft from May 1996 Friend
“My Church” story/visuals from Nov. 2000 Friend
“When I Go To Church” coloring page/booklet from June 1991 Friend
“When Jesus Christ Was Baptized” song visuals/puzzle game from Jan 2000 Friend
4th Article of Faith Picture Scramble” pdf file with activity from July 2003 Friend
“Imagine Me A Missionary” pdf file with story & visuals from Jan 1993 Friend
“The Church Was Organized” coloring page from May 2005 Friend

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Lesson 43-We Have a Living Prophet
“Gordon B. Hinckley” Prophet Wheel activity from Feb. 2001 Friend
“What Would the Prophets Want Me to Do” from Sept. Friend
“A Living Prophet” Poem from Oct 2004 Friend
“Favorite Foods of the Prophets” from July 1990 Friend
“I Can Sustain The Prophet” from Oct 2004 Friend
“Latter-day Prophets” from Oct 1995 Friend
“Prophets” picture story from Mar. 1974 Friend

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Lesson 44-We Can All Help at Church
“I’m always Reverent” Poem & Visuals from Sept. 93 Friend
“Jeremy John The Wiggler” story from Dec. 2000 Friend
“Jimmy’s Church” story & visuals from Oct. 1992 Friend
“Reverence In Holy Places” activity from Oct. 1992 Friend
“My Primary Teacher” coloring activity from Aug 1995 Friend
“Nephi Builds A Ship” flannel board story from  Mar 1992 Friend

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Lesson 45 – The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter)
He is Risen – Story with visuals the kids can color from April 94 Friend
Easter Story — Colored Pictures about Resurrection from April 88 Friend
Easter Symbols Story with visuals (Not from the Friend) (Got it from a FHE group).
Give the religious meaning to why we use the standard Easter symbols, bunny, eggs, etc. to celebrate Easter.

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Lesson 46
“According to Luke” activity from Dec 1992 Friend
Christmas Figures from the Friend not sure which one
“Grandpa’s Christmas Tree” story/visuals from Dec 1997 Friend
“His Little Lamb” craft from Dec 1997 Friend
“If You’re Warm You’re Getting Closer” story/visuals from Dec 1992 Friend
Baby Jesus bw and colored  figures from Dec 1992 Friend use with “If you’re Warm” story/activity.  Can also be used with activity #4 on p. 153 of the manual
“The Nativity Song” coloring activity from Dec 1980 Friend
“The Christmas Story” colored figures to use to tell the story from Dec 2004 Friend
“Jesus Grew Up” coloring page from Dec 2004 Friend
“The Nativity Set” story/visuals from Dec 2004 Friend
“Wonderful Wiseman” story/visuals from Dec 1992 Friend

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