“We just had another great Activity Day. We had the Book of Mormon Olympics. We divided the children into 4 groups. And gave each group a name, i.e. the Nephites, etc. They participated in 4 different activities: The Area of Fine Workmanship (a craft), Mahonri Moriancumur Bowling (we had 2 games going with eight pins at each, totaling 16), A Treasure Hunt (they went on a treasure hunt and had to follow the clues to find the gold plates) and Nephi’s Ship Relay (had to blow a cotton ball with a straw, then had to blow a toy boat across a mini-pool). Capt. Moroni began the Activity and talked about the Title of Liberty. Each child was given a flag and at each activity were given a token to glue on to remind them of the activity: treasure hunt (gold plates), Relay (blue bead), Bowling (clear stone), Craft (hand). At each activity the children were told the story to got with the activity. For dessert they had Liahona Popcorn Balls, and they watched the last activity we had on video. It was a fun activity, and the children really seemed to enjoy it. The favorite was the treasure hunt to find the gold plates.