Keeping Covenants: The Stripling Warriors Skit



Captain Moroni:

Ammonite Men:

Ammonite Mother 1:

Ammonite Mother 2:

Stripling Warriors:

Ammonite daughter 1:

Ammonite daughter 2:


large empty box, toy or cardboard swords or weapons, sheet or towel, headbands or other simple costumes for actors

Helaman: I am Helaman

Moroni: And I am Moroni, Captain of the Nephite Army.

Helaman: We want to tell you about a wonderful miracle that I saw with my own eyes.

Moroni: This miracle happened because of people who kept their covenants at baptism, and we hope you will also keep you baptism covenants every day.

Helaman: But first we need to tell you about the People of Ammon. They were also called the Anti-Nephi-Lehites. These people used to be Lamanites. They were wicked and liked war and killing. But when Ammon and the other sons of Mosiah came to their land, they taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The people accepted the gospel, repented of their sins and were baptized. They made important covenants with God.

Man: We have repented of our sins and want to make an oath that we will never shed blood again.

Mother 1: We would rather die than kill another person; that is our promise to God. We will prove this by burying our weapons in the ground.

(Ammonite men and mothers place weapons in a box in the center of the room and put a sheet or towel over the box)

Mother 2: We will no longer be called Lamanites. We are descendants of Laman but we no longer want to behave like the other Lamanites. We will call ourselves the Anti-Nephi-Lehites.

Mother 3: We now teach our children about Heavenly Father and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We teach our children to have Faith in God and he will protect you always.

Moroni: We, the Nephites promised to help the People of Ammon and gave them a place to live away from other Lamanites. We protected the People of Ammon even when other Lamanites attacked them.

Helaman: But the People of Ammon felt bad that the Nephites were getting killed for their protection.

Man: It is not right that others are dying to protect our freedoms. Maybe we should dig up our weapons and help the Nephites to fight for our freedom.

Helaman: I told them they should not break their covenant with God. If they broke their covenant and used those weapons, then God would no longer be with them.

Stripling Warrior: Father, you made a covenant not to shed blood, but we did not make this covenant. If we go to battle we will not be breaking any covenants. Instead we will make a covenant to fight for our freedom and for the freedom of all Nephites. Even if it means we lose our life, we will fight for what is right.

Daughter 1: Yes, Father, our brothers will fight for the freedom of all the followers of God and if we all have faith in God, he will protect them and us.

Daughter 2: There are two thousand of our brothers. They have asked Helaman to be their leader and they are very brave. God will be with them.

Helaman: I though of these boys like they were my sons, and they thought of me like their father. These young men were valiant, brave and strong. They were also honest and trustworthy and kept the commandments of God.

Moroni: Helaman led his 2000 young warriors to battle. Even though they never fought before, they were not afraid. They followed what their mothers had told them and had faith in God. Helaman and his army fought several battles against the Lamanites. They followed all of Helaman’s orders. They drove away the enemy.

Helaman: After the battle I checked on my brave young warriors. They were all hurt, but none had been killed. It was a miracle. God had protected them because they had faith and did what was right.

All together: We hope you liked our skit. We hope you will remember to always keep the covenants you make with God.